Vehicles Movers Malaysia

Are you worried about moving your vehicle to another state with your home? Do you want to move your vehicle safely?

DFY Movers provides you vehicle moving services all over Malaysia. If you want to move, then there is no need to sell your car. We will move your car with you without any hassle. We deal with cars, motorcycles, SUVs, scooters, etc. Just book our service and leave everything to us. We will take care of your vehicle and deliver it at the desired place. We are always ready to serve our customers.

Why Book a Vehicle Moving Services?

Vehicle moving is a bit difficult as compared to moving other things. People take help from vehicle moving services due to the following reasons.

Safe Transportation

Vehicle moving services take the responsibility of your vehicle. They move your vehicle safely to the desired location via road or water. They have special long trucks for transportation.

There is no need to worry about your vehicle. Your vehicle remains safe under the supervision of the company. Once you provide your vehicle, it becomes the responsibility of the service provider.

Moreover, these services also have insurance, so your vehicle is safe by all means.

Get it done fast

Vehicle moving services are quick. They can move your vehicle quicker than you. They have water, road, and air transportation services to move your vehicle.

No Need to Drive

It is not easy to drive vehicles to long distances. Many people try to move their vehicles on their own, but it is perilous. There can be an accident due to the long drive.

Moreover, you will have to stop and stay if the distance is long. A long journey can be risky. Therefore, it is better to hire vehicles moving services if you want to move your vehicle with ease. It is better and safer.


Vehicle moving services make the move of your vehicle stress-free. They have professional and trained people who can move your vehicle anywhere.

Once you handover your vehicle to the service provider, you can also travel to the place with peace of mind.

Vehicle Moving Services Process

There are a few steps involved in the vehicle moving process. We provide door to door service. The steps are,

Step 1: Vehicle Pickup

We pick up the vehicle from your house after all written procedures. We arrive according to the schedule and pick the vehicle.

Our Malaysia moves to the place where the vehicle is loaded in a moving truck or ship. After loading the vehicle, your vehicle is on its way.

Step 2: Transportation

The transportation of the vehicle requires some time, depending on the distance. We can either transport the vehicle through a ship or truck.

We keep our customers updated about the transportation process.

Step 3: Drop off

Once the truck or ship arrives at the destination, we unload the vehicle and drop it to the desired place.

You will get your vehicle at your doorstep. You can also check the vehicle and make sure everything is perfect. We complete the documentation by taking signatures.

Vehicles Moving Services Price

There are many factors that are involved in determining the price of the move. We consider all these factors while giving a quote. Some of the factors are,

  • Mode of transport (Ship or Truck)
  • Type of the vehicle (sedan, SUV, scooter, etc.)
  • Distance

You can contact us directly to get a reasonable quote for the service. Our team will provide you a free-quote after getting the information.

How to Book Vehicle Moving Services in Malaysia

Our booking process is very easy. You can easily book the service within a few steps. We are always ready to provide the service to our customers. The steps are,


You can contact us via the contact form. Filling the form is very easy.

You need to provide the email address, pick up and drop off location, day, and any additional information. Our team will contact you on the provided email address.


Get a Quote

We review the provided information and check the availability of the service.

Once we have everything aligned, we provide a free quote. You can see the quote and make a decision.



You need to confirm the service so that we can make our team ready on the day.

For confirmation, you need to reply to us and pay the advance fee.

FAQs about Vehicle Moving Services

How do I get a quote for vehicles moving services?

We have made a simple step to get a free quote. You can go to the contact form and fill the information.

It is necessary that you provide the correct information because the quote depends on that. Our team will give you a free quote in the reply.

Why book a service instead of doing it yourself?

You cannot move a vehicle on your own with ease. A long drive can be risky and dangerous. It is not simple to move a vehicle to another state.

So, the best and safest way to move your vehicle is by hiring a professional moving service. They have all trained professionals who can carry out the job safely.

You don’t need to worry about your vehicle; it will arrive safely at your doorstep. The vehicle movement becomes easy and stress-free when you hire a moving service.

Why choose DFY Movers for vehicle moving services?

DFY Movers is not a new name in the moving industry. We have served many clients and aim to serve more.

We provide reliable services all over Malaysia. Our extensive network and vast experience can help you move the vehicle to the desired location without any hassle.

We offer affordable and reasonable prices that are much less than other companies.