Residential Mover Malaysia

Moving a house is a very common process, but it is not very simple and easy. Anyone who has ever moved will tell you that it is not an easy process. There are many things that you need to look out for and care for.

Most people will recommend that you should hire a reliable relocation company in Malaysia that will help you in moving your house and make moving a lot easier. So, if you are looking for residential movers in Malaysia, then DFY Movers is perfect for you. We provide our residential moving services across the country and have a team of trained professionals who will take care of everything.

Why Book Residential Moving Service?

There are many reasons to which a person will need to hire residential movers. Firstly, maybe the person is alone and can not do all the work, he has no experience in this field, or he is not free to do this work. This is the reason for which residential movers are available to make moving easy for people who cannot perform the task on their own. Some of the reasons why you should hire residential movers are,

Proper Packing

A residential mover knows how to pack things for a house move. They have properly sized cardboards in which they pack all the household items with safety and precaution.

Even the crockery and sensitive items are packed in a very careful manner.

Takes Less Time

A team of residential movers will perform the packing and moving quickly, as they are experienced in doing this work over and over. As a single person or a family, it will take time to pack all the things, dismantle furniture, and move heavy objects.

While a professional team of residential movers assigns the task to each and everyone so that the process can speed up and take less time.


Residential movers are professionals and proper companies that have been registered. The company is insured. You do not have to worry about anything.

If anything gets damaged or breaks during packing or moving. The insurance company will pay for your damage or loss.

Residential Moving Process

Moving a house requires planning and management. A residential mover strictly follows a plan so that movement becomes easy and quick.

There are simple steps that we follow.

Step 1: Packing and Dismantling

The first thing that we do is arranging the items and packing them securely in cardboard boxes. Some of the workers dismantle the furniture so that it becomes easy to move.

Packing is not as easy as it may sound. Packing fragile items is very difficult as it requires special techniques so that it does not get broken during the move. Our team is experienced and knows how to pack things. We will do the job with perfection.

Step 2: Labeling

It is important to label all the cardboard boxes. For example, crockery, bedroom, storeroom, washroom, etc. This labeling makes unpacking very easy.

Each box is placed in their respective rooms, and then these boxes are unpacked. In this way, things do not scatter, and it becomes easy to settle quickly.

Step 3: Lifting and Placing

When all the packing is complete, the next step is to place all the items and boxes into the truck so that they can reach your new house.

Residential movers follow a pattern in placing the objects. Furniture is kept at the back, and then boxes are placed. Boxes are placed in such a manner that heavy boxes are placed at the bottom and lightboxes on the top. It secures and protects heavy and fragile items.

Step 4: Unloading and Unpacking

The final process is unpacking. We will now take all the items from the truck and place them in their respective rooms according to the labels.

We will make all the furniture and help you unpack quickly. Our team will not leave before settling down each and everythin

Price To Book a Residential Mover

The price of the DFY Residential Movers service depends on many factors.

  • Local move or long-distance move
  • Size of the move
  • Moving special items (such a piano and gym equipment)
  • Storage
  • Moving date (very busy and expensive during seasons)
  • Moving add-ons
  • Size of the house

Just contact us, and our representative will provide you a reasonable quote according to your requirements.

How To Book a Service From DFY Movers

Moving a house or residential moving has now become an easy process through our three-step process.


Visit our website or contact our representative so that you book a schedule for your house move.

Tell us information, and we will prepare a quote according to that.


Get a Quote

Our team will provide you a quote in the reply. If you are satisfied with the quote, then you can book any available slot.


Booking Confirmation

We provide you a confirmation email in the end to complete the booking process.

Now our team will reach on the day and handle everything.

FAQs About Hiring a Residential Mover

How do I get a quote for Residential Movers?

The price of a residential move depends on many factors, as stated above. To get a proper and reasonable quote, contact us. Our team will come and survey your house and look at all the items that you want us to move. We will confirm the availability of our workers and then provide you with a proper quote.

Why book a Residential Movers instead of doing it yourself?

Moving your house yourself is a risky and time-consuming process. People are not much familiarized with packing fragile items and lifting heavy objects. Residential movers will take this trouble from you and will make your move easy and quick. Moreover, residential movers are insured, so there is no risk of losing the expensive item.

Why choose DFY Movers for Residential Movers?

DFY Movers is a professional, punctual, and trained residential mover. We know all the problems that come with moving and are experts in resolving them. With all the appropriate and required tools, we make a residential move very easy and quick. We operate across the country and are famous for our work. We provide the best residential moving service at an affordable price.

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