Moving Services Malaysia

DFY Movers offers a wide range of professional moving services Malaysia. We are equipped to provide all types of moving services across the country with the help of our team.

From packing to equipment rental, from residential to commercial we have a moving solution that meets your requirements.

All Types Of Moving Services We Offer in Malaysia

Gym Equipments Movers

Your gym equipments need to be moved properly in order to prevent damage. We have the right tools and vehicles to move large and heavy items safely and conveniently, while our workers are trained to handle such equipment.

We have gym equipment movers that will help you from planning, dismantling, packing, loading, moving, unpacking and installation.

Heavy Equipments Movers

 Our heavy equipment moving involves precise planning because moving such equipments can cause potential injury when done improperly.

Our heavy equipments movers are trained to care for your equipment and consider everything prior to moving, such as the place where items will be moved and the type of items to prepare the appropriate tools.

Local Movers Malaysia

We offer hassle-free moving if you are thinking of moving to another town or within the city. As your local movers, we are familiar with all the places, so you can expect a fast and efficient service.

We will help you save time for our professional movers know how to handle moving in the safest, most efficient manner.

Movers and Packers

DFY Movers also have a team of movers and packers. If you are about to move numerous items, let our professional packers help you.

Our team are honest and trustworthy, and are trained to pack things safely and efficiently. Moreover, we are equipped with tools for faster moving.

Safe Box Movers

We move any type of safe boxes so you won’t have to. We have the tools and knowledge to move safe boxes without causing any damage.

Heavy items such as these are very difficult to move, but our professional safe box movers provide solutions for you.

Furniture Mover

DFY Movers offer furniture moving. We know how to handle delicate, expensive and heavy furniture for your peace of mind.

Our furniture mover are able to work effectively because of our knowledge, experience and equipment.

Residential Mover

We are a reliable partner of residential customers moving from one place to another. We offer complete services, such as if you need help packing.

Our residential movers is knowledgeable in packing things in an organized manner.

Forklift Rental

We also offer forklift rental to lift heavy items or machinery. This is ideal if you plan to do the moving on your own.

You can also choose to have our operator service so you do not have to worry about operating the forklift.

Lorry Rental

If you intend to move on your own but you do not have a large vehicle, we offer lorry rental at an affordable price.

This includes the driving service and even helps with the safe loading of your items. Our lorries come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Office Movers

Office moving can be overwhelming. Solutions?You can choose to hire office movers to help you. From packing to unloading, our staff can do the job properly and quickly.

This saves you time, which is an important investment in your business.

Vehicle Mover

We also offer safe moving of vehicles in case you are looking for someone to safely move your car, scooter or SUV.

Our vehicle movers offer this via land and water using our long trucks at any location.

Appliance Movers

Our appliance moving service ensures that your delicate appliances will be moved with care.

With our appliance movers, you can be sure that your expensive appliances will not be damaged.

Commercial Movers

DFY Movers has a professional team to help you with commercial moving.

Our commercial movers helps you have a cost-effective moving solution for we can do the job fast and we charge reasonable rates.

We can help from the packing to the unloading of your items.

House Mover

Our house moving service makes moving a lot easier.

Our house movers are complete with the packing materials for a faster process.

There is no need to worry about lifting heavy items for we have the tools to lift them.

Piano Mover

Our piano movers can help you safely move large pianos without worrying that your precious instrument will be damaged.

We can handle the job easily from the loading to moving and unloading.

Fixtures Mover

Moving fragile, expensive or heavy fixtures can be stressful. DFY Movers can help make it a breeze.

With our careful planning, comprehensive equipment and experience, our fixtures movers are able to move fixtures without any problem.

International Mover

DFY Movers offers international moving. If you need to move items out of the country, we are connected with movers abroad.

Our international movers covers all processes needed including documentation.

Machine Mover

Like heavy equipment, we are equipped to move machines with our extensive knowledge and tools. Our machine movers can help businesses across industries for cost-effective moving of heavy items. No matter what type and size of machine, we can handle it.

How to Book a Moving Service

Booking our moving services Malaysia is easy. Simply contact us to get a free quote according to the information you will provide.

Our team will then plan your move for an efficient moving process. Final step would be scheduling your planned move.