Machine Movers Malaysia

Machine moving services are not like house moving. It requires special training and guidelines to ensure the safety of the machine and workers. DFY Movers has the perfect team for machine moving services who knows how to handle, move, and relocate heavy machinery from one place to another in Malaysia. Our workers are trained and highly skilled in handling machines and transporting them to a new location safely.

In DFY Movers, we have the perfect tools and equipment to move machines safely and effectively without wasting any time. Our team follows the guidelines and regulations strictly and makes sure to satisfy the customer with our work.

Why You Need To Hire a Machine Movers?

Movers have the right tools and accessories

Moving machinery is not an easy task. Not anyone can do it. Moving machines and heavy machinery requires proper tools and equipment. A reputable moving company like DFYMovers has the equipment to move machines of all shapes and sizes. The use of special tools and equipment make a move easy for both the movers.


There is no need to worry about any damage if you have hired professional moving services. Licensed and professional machine movers are insured. It is a great benefit as in case of any damage and loss, the moving company’s insurance will cover it.

However, there is one in a million chances of getting your equipment damaged, but it is better to be safe by hiring professionals.

Quick and Efficient

When you hire professionals, you do not need to worry about anything. They will take care of every situation.

Professional machine movers are quick and efficient as they know what they are doing and what equipment will be used to lift and move the machines efficiently.

The team takes special care of machines as they are very expensive.


Hiring professional machine movers ensures the safety of your expensive and heavy machinery. They have trained and skilled workers that know how to tackle these situations.

Machines may cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Professional movers know how to securely pack, load, and transport these heavy machines to their destination.

Machine Moving Process

The Machine moving process consists of a few steps. These steps are:

Step 1: Inspection

We will send our team to inspect your machines.

Our team af DFY Moves will make a list of all the things and equipment that we will need to move these machines.

Our team will inspect the new location and examine if there are possibilities to fit these machines easily and effectively. And then only, we will be able to provide you with a reasonable quote.

Step 2: Packing

When it comes to packing and securing machines, you do not have to worry. We have a special team that will take care of it.

Our team makes sure to securely pack the machines so that no damage is done to it. We use special methods and techniques to pack machines, whether it be of any size.

Step 3: Loading

The third process is moving. Once all machines are securely packed, now equipment and machinery come to help.

We use machinery like a forklift to lift the heavy machines and put them into our trucks. The size of the truck depends on the size and weight of the machine.

Step 4: Unloading and Unpacking

The final step is to securely unload the machines. We use the same machinery that we used to load the machines to unload them safely.

Our team will make sure to place the machines in their proper places and unpack them. We leave them just the same as we packed them.

Machine Moving Price

Machine movers price depends on different things in Malaysia. These things are:

  • Size of machines
  • The number of machines and equipment
  • Use of a forklift for heavy machinery
  • Use of Cranes (if required)
  • Numbers of workers in the process
  • The distance between the location.
  • Size and numbers of the truck required.
  • Days of working.

However, to get an appropriate price, the best way is to contact us. We will inspect the machinery and provide you with a good quote.

How to Book From Us

We have a very convenient booking process that consists of three easy steps. These steps are:


The first thing you need to do is to contact us. You can fill our contact form on our DFY Movers website.

Our representatives will get back to you upon your request. However, you need to mention the type of move, date, and time of your move.


Free Quote

After receiving all your information. We will assess all the requirements and needs of your move and provide you with a proper quote.



After you get the quote from us, you will need to confirm our services.

DFY Movers is a professional machine mover, and you will not be disappointed by our service. Just hire us and free yourself from any trouble of moving your machines.

FAQs about Hiring a Machine Mover

How do I get a quote for Machine movers?

Getting a quote for a Machine move is very easy. You need to contact us through our website and provide us with all the requirements. You can tell us the type of the move, kinds of machines, size of the machine, the destination location, date, and time. Then we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Why book Machine movers instead of doing it yourself?

Moving a machine requires skills and experience. It is not an easy task. You cannot move a machine without proper tools and machinery. You will need a forklift and crane to lift heavy machines. Moreover, machine movers are time efficient and know how to handle difficult situations. You cannot move machines on your own. And they are insured as well.

Why choose DFY Movers for Machine Movers in Malaysia?

There are many reasons to choose DFY Movers for machine moving services. We are famous, reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. We have done a lot of moving projects, so you can trust us and our service. Our teams have the best professionals and skilled workers that will fit right for your needs. We make sure to satisfy our customers through work and service.

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