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DFY Movers offer a wide range of lorry rental in Malaysia with a variety of inexpensive lorries and light trucks. Our newer, better-maintained vehicles have the features and options that make them safe and easy to drive. So you can rent the lorry you need whenever you want.

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About Renting A Lorry With DFY Movers

It’s pretty stressful to get a lorry rental service in Malaysia, especially if you have bulky and fragile items during the move. Residential and office moves require larger, more robust vehicles to carry all the loads while protecting everything during transport.

At DFY Movers, we understand this problem and are ready to provide this service to our customers. We offer our lorry fleet and give our customers the opportunity to move their goods anytime throughout Malaysia and the surrounding area. Our lorry varies in size and you can choose what suits you best. In addition, all our vehicles are managed and licensed by professional drivers. It is guaranteed that all our transport procedures and valuables are in good hands.

Our fleet includes smaller and larger commercial vehicles. In addition to transport, we can also help you load heavy items into our lorry fleet. Not only do we protect all your items, but our drivers contribute to reliability through their experience and all valid documentation. In addition, we have all kinds of equipment, such as straps to load and store your items in the truck.

Why You Should Rent A Lorry From Us

Widespread network of drivers

At DFYMovers, with hundreds of lorries in our network, we can tailor a suitable driver to your logistical needs. Save time and rest assured when you book.

Quick Quotation

When you contact our team for a quot, we will response you with an accurate quotation as soon as we received your information.

Flexible rental services

We have a range of lorry rental packages tailored to your needs. Flexible packages are available for different budgets and customers.

Well-maintained vehicles

All our lorries are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Helpful customer service

We will do our utmost to provide a competent, reliable and long term relationship service to all our customers.

Safe Deliver

We always make sure that the safe delivery of your products get to the desired destination of your choice.

How It Works

You can rent a lorry in Malaysia with just a 3 simple step process.

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Any Questions? Let Us Know!

If you have any questions regarding our lorry rental service, you can just fill up the form here or send us a message. Our support team will be there to assist you shortly.



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