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Movers KL To Singapore

DFY Movers is a reliable company that can provide its relocation services from KL to Singapore. It is an international move, and no one can move the stuff internationally without any help. We provide every kind of international move with satisfaction. We have trained workers that are expert in this specific field. We have been providing moving services for more than a decade.

Hire a Mover From KL To Singapore Today!

There is nothing that denies the fact that international move is difficult. You need to be aware of all the rules and regulations for moving all the stuff from one country to another. This is not possible without hiring a moving company. The difficulty increases when a move becomes international. But DFY Movers are always ready to help its customers. We can arrange the right service for your stuff to move it internationally.

Types Of Moving Services We Offer 

We provide different and almost all types of moving services for KL to Singapore move.

International Moving

Do you want to move from KL to Singapore? It is a high-risk move, as there can be all sorts of difficulties.

From packing, lifting, moving, and unpacking, you need to be careful. It is a long-distance move, and everything needs to be packed safely. Our team will pack all your items and make sure they are ready for an international move.

House Moving

House moving is itself a difficult task when we talk about a local move. But this difficulty increases when moving internationally. You need to be more careful about packing and moving the stuff. You should have proper connections with people that will move your house stuff internationally.

There is no better option than hiring professional house movers ; you will be free from all the worries. All of your furniture, crockery, fragile items, showpieces, electronic items, and all kinds of stuff will be moved without any problem.

Office Moving

Moving an office internationally means that your company is progressing like never before.

There are many things in an office that need care when moving. In case of any damage, there can be a big loss for the company. So, it is better that you hire professional movers.

We can provide this service with perfection and make sure that all of your items are safe and sound. Everything will reach its new office, and you will be satisfied with our service.

Why Choose DFY Movers

There are many reasons why you should choose KL to Singapore Mover. Some of them are,

We Are Insured

This is one thing that most people look for when moving internationally. Yes, we are an insured company. We take responsibility for any damage caused to your item during the move. Our insurance company will cover the damages.

Reliable Service

DFY Movers have been in international moving for more than ten years. People trust us with all their belongings and valuables. We are safe to hire. You can rely on our service, and everything will be moved safely.


Moving internationally needs connections and approaches. Only licensed moving companies know how to move internationally. It requires skills. We know all the rules and regulations that need to be followed for an international move. Our wide network will help you move your things without any problem.

Quick Service

Even if you are moving internationally, our services are available at short notice. We complete our moving services at the given time. Our workers are trained and experienced, so your move will not be delayed.

Affordable Price

When you contact us with the relevant details of your move, our team provides you with a reasonable quote. We give a free estimate to our customers. The charges depend on many factors like location, number of items, manpower, and etc.

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure that our customer is happy with our service. Our team will do all the tasks according to your wish and desire. We thrive for customer satisfaction and never back down from any work that is required by our client.

How To Get a Quote With DFY Movers

With our huge network across many countries, it is possible for us to carry out an international move from KL to Singapore. We offer the best moving services so that you can be free from all the worries. We have an easy booking process that consists of 3 easy steps.

To book us, you just need to click the button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Booking a Moving Service from KL to Singapore

How do I get an accurate quotation for moving services from KL To Singapore?

To get an accurate quote for international moving service, contact our team through the contact form, WhatsApp, or call. Our team will get back to you with a reasonable quotation.

How much is the price to move from KL To Singapore?

The price of moving service depends on different factors. Some factors are the number of items and boxes, day and time, and required workforce and the volume of the luggage. You can ask us for a free estimate on your required service.

Why choose DFY Movers for moving services from KL To Singapore?

There are various reasons to choose DFY Movers for your moving services. We are a licensed and insured company that has skilled and trained workers. Your job will be done according to your desire, and we will make sure to satisfy you with our services. We know how to move your things internationally. We will move your things safely without any hassle.