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Are you looking for Local Movers in Malaysia? DFY Movers is providing this service all over Malaysia. We can move your things safely. We have trained and professional workers who know everything about moving things.

Our team will do everything for you. We don’t care about your cargo volume, we have all the required vehicles and workers to move your things anywhere. Our teams are working all over Malaysia, we can provide you local moving services all over the country.

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Are you thinking to move your belongings locally on your own? The new place might be near your home or office, but it is hard to move everything safely.

The reason is that you are not a professional mover and you might damage your things. You will have to pay more for damages. You might also need to ask your friends and family for help because you cannot do everything alone. So, you become dependent on others and they might not have time for your moving. These things can delay your plan.

Most importantly, you can also get injured while moving things. Thus, you need to hire a professional Malaysia moving company to move your things safely and securely

Why You Need To Hire a Local Mover in Malaysia?

You need a local moving service for the following reasons.


Saves You Time

Moving companies have professional movers that will help you to move your things quickly. You don’t need to wait for anyone. Your work will be completed within the given time.


No Damages

Professional movers know how to move things and protect them from road damages. They load your things safely. They also have boxes to carry your fragile items.


Stress-free Moving

You don’t need to do anything. The workers will do everything on their own. You can just guide them and monitor everything. Your things will be moved to the desired place without any hassle.


Everything at one place

If you try to move by yourself, then you will need to plan everything. You need to get a suitable lorry or truck to move your things. If you hire a local moving company, you just let them handle everything

Our Local Moving Process in Malaysia

We will tell you our local moving process to help you understand everything.

Step 1: Getting a Quote

You can get a free quote. Just contact us through WhatsApp or Email, we will provide you a quote according to the provided information. Our quote is based on the location, volume of cargo, required workers and number of boxes. You can tell us everything and we can provide you a reasonable quote. Getting a quote is free and there are no hidden charges.

Step 2: Confirmation

You can confirm if you are agreed with the quote. After your confirmation, our team will reach your home on the agreed day. There will not be any delay, our team will reach the place without any hassle.

Step 3: Planning and Packing

You can pack your things on your own. Our team can also help you in packing. We have special boxes to carry your valuable and fragile items. The workers can guide you on correct packing methods. We can also provide you a suitable cage to take your pets. Further, our team will plan the move with you according to your comfort.

Step 4: Day of Movement

On the day of movement, our team will reach your home. We will dismantle your furniture and evacuate your whole house or office. Our team has all the equipment and tools to load and move your thing safely. There will not be any damage to your belongings. We have all kinds of vehicles to carry your things. Our professional drivers will reach the place safely. We have experienced workers who know everything about moving. They will complete the work quickly with satisfaction.

Step 5: Reaching the Destination

We will reach the destination directly after leaving the place without wasting time. Our team will unload everything and move into the house or office. We can also install your furniture quickly.

Step 6: Final Checking and Payment

You can check and confirm everything is perfect and nothing is missing. After your satisfaction, you can pay the amount to our team.

Why Choose Our Local Moving Services in Malaysia

There are a few reasons to select our service. The reasons are,

Customer Satisfaction

We provide customer satisfaction. Our team will take your things safely to the new place.

We take all safety measures to keep your things safe during the travel. You can also check everything for your satisfaction.

Affordable Service

We provide customer satisfaction. Our team will take your things safely to the new place.

We take all safety measures to keep your things safe during the travel. You can also check everything for your satisfaction.


We have a team who are ready to answer any of your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp/Email.

Our team is ready to help our customers. We help them in packing, planning, installation of furniture and other things.

A Team of Professional Local Movers

Our workers are trained and experienced. They are working for many years. So, they can deal with any situation. They can do your work quickly with satisfaction.

We take care of your belongings and avoid any kind of damage. We will make your moving stress-free and easy.


Our team is always well equipped. We have all the tools and equipment that are required for loading, unloading, and installation.

You do not need to provide anything. We will handle everything so you can focus on your daily tasks.

Reliable Service

We are working for more than a decade. We have thousands of happy customers all over Malaysia.

You can rely on us; your thing will be in safe hands.

Locations That We Offer Local Moving Services in Malaysia

How To Book a Local Mover in Malaysia

We have a huge network with local mover throughout Malaysia. With our database, we can help you to connect with a local mover near your location. This will help you to save time and money trying to find the right movers.

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At DFY Movers, we provide local moving services all over Malaysia. Our team will make your moving easy and quick. You just need to contact us via WhatsApp or Email. Then, our team will provide you a reasonable quote. We provide satisfactory service to our customers.

We have all kinds of moving vehicles with professional drivers. Our team also consists of trained experts. We are serving for more than a decade. We will guide you about the moving process. Get a free quote today. For more information, feel free to contact us.