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Do you want to move things to any other country without any hassle? Are you worried about the moving process? You don’t need to worry anymore because DFY Movers are here to provide international moving services. We can move your things safely and securely.

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International moving is a strenuous process because you want to move your belongings from one country to another. It can be stressful and troublesome. But if you take our services, then we will move your belongings without any hassle. We have a huge network, we are connected to other movers from all over the world. This network makes everything easier and trouble-free. Moreover, there is a process through which your belongings are moved to another country and you might want to know it. So, we will guide you about the whole process.

The Process of International Moving Services

We are breaking down the whole process into few steps.

Step 1: Getting a Quote

You need to get a quote for the movement of your things. You can contact us, we will send our representative to your home. He will tell you about the process of moving. You will provide him all the information including cargo volume, destination, date of moving, etc. Then according to the provided information, you will get a quote.

Step 2: Packing

Your things will move to another country; therefore, it is not as simple as moving in locally or in the same country. You will have to pack your things carefully. Our team will guide you in packing. They can also pack things on their own. We use bubble wraps, cardboards, plastic wraps and other things. So, your things will be safe and protected. We have special boxes that will protect your things during the shipping and road travel.

Step 3: Container and Warehouse

After packing your things are moved to a container or warehouse. There are two types of container services which are Full Load Container (FLC) and LCL (Less than Container Load). These two terms are mostly used. If your cargo has enough volume to occupy the whole container, then it is called a Full Load Container (FLC). This means there will only your things in the container. While Less than Container Load is when your belonging cannot occupy the whole space and they are less. So, your cargo is moved with other FLC cargos in one container.

Step 4: Shipping

Shipping is the stage when the container that contains your cargo is loaded on a ship. Our company handles all documentation and procedures. You don’t need to worry about anything. Your things will be loaded, and we will keep track of your things. After the arrival of the ship on your destination, the cargo needs custom clearance. Our partner team will reach the destination and complete the custom clearance. They will proceed through all documentations.

Step 5: Moving to the New Place

Your things will then be safely moved to the desired place. Our team will take your things and move in the vehicle to your place. They can also install your furniture and help you in settings the things at the place.

Do You Need to Get the Services of International Movers?

International moving is a bit complicated process and it takes time. If you don’t know anything about moving, then it is better to get your things moved with the help of a reliable moving company in Malaysia.

We have already told you the process of moving and you can imagine how much effort it takes to take things from one door to another door.

If you hire our service, then there is no need to worry about all these processes. We will do everything for you from taking your belongings from your doorstep to moving your things to the desired place.

We will do all documentation and you can keep track of your things easily. Our trained professionals will complete the job and the service worth the money. Our company ensures a hassle-free moving service without any damage to your belongings.

Why Choose Us as International Movers?

Our service is the best in Malaysia, there are some reasons that make our service best.

Quick Moving

We care about your valuable time; therefore, we provide quick moving services. Our team will reach after your confirmation. We will do everything quickly with satisfaction.

Customer Guidance and Support

We guide our customers about the whole process of international moving. We help them to pack things according to the standard. Our team provides door to door service, you don’t need to do anything. We are ready to provide any help to our customers.

Experienced Professional

We are working for more than a decade; therefore, we are experienced. Our trained workers know about international moving and they can handle it perfectly. We will move everything safely to the new place.

Wide Network

Our network is wide, we are connected with professional movers all over the world. So, we can move your things to any destinations without any hassle. Our partner will do the customs clearance and everything.

Stress-free Service

We provide a stress-free service. You don’t need to worry about anything. Your things will reach the destination without any problem. We will keep track of your cargo and you will be informed with every new update.


Our company has built trust among the customers in the past decade. We go through all the documentation processes. Our team knows how to handle any situation, so you can rely on us.

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At DFY Movers, we provide satisfactory international moving services. We are experienced and we know how to deal with international moving.

Our team is ready to guide you with the process. You can contact us via WhatsApp or Email. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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