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Price to Book a House Moving Services in Malaysia

Moving services are essential when it comes to relocating to a new house. It’s not easy to move on your own, and you might injure yourself. It’s better to take help from moving service providers to make your move easy and stress-free. There is no doubt that professional movers can help you move everything safely.

Our house movers based in Malaysia are trained and professional, that is why they charge you for their services. The common question that people ask is,

“What is the price to book a house moving service?”

This question is valid, and it is necessary to know about the average price that movers charge for a house move in Malaysia. The price of moving services depends on many factors.

Today, we are going to explain those factors to give you a complete insight into the fee structure. Stay with us as this article could help you with booking a move in the future.

Factors that Affect the Price of House Moving Services

There are many factors that govern the price of a moving service, but some important factors can change the price drastically. Let’s see the details of those factors.

Area of the House/Number of Items

The first and most important factor is the area of the house. Usually, the number of items in a house is directly proportional to the area. In simple words, if you have a large house, then you would probably have many items. So, the price is affected by the number of items required to move. Furthermore, movers have different sizes of vehicles to move your things.

The size of the vehicle depends on your items. A large vehicle will have more effect on the price as compared to a small vehicle. This is a vital factor that can drastically change the price. Many professional movers ask about the area of your house and items while booking the service. Moreover, they might also visit your house for an inspection.

Number of Movers Required

You need workers for your move, and the number of workers depends on the number of items you have. Movers arrange the appropriate workforce for the job to complete it as soon as possible. The larger the workforce, the higher will be the cost.

Equipment/Boxes Required

There are different equipment and tools required for the moving process. There might be a need to forklift to lift any heavy item. Movers might need special tools to move heavy and delicate items like a piano. This also increases the expense of the move.

Furthermore, people need boxes to pack their things safely. Movers provide special boxes that can guarantee the safety of your things. These boxes are for the fragile, delicate, and important things that you don’t want to miss or lose.

Moreover, there are special boxes for pets to move them safely to the new place. You need to tell the mover about the boxes. They arrange the required number of boxes for packing. The number of boxes also affects the price.

Distance Between the New and Old Place

Distance is obviously an important aspect. If your new home is in another state that is very far, then it would cost more as compared to moving within a state. The distance matters; therefore, the service providers also ask about the current and new location. They spend on fuel, vehicle, and storage space; thus, they charge accordingly.

If you need to store your things for a few days, then moving companies can also provide these services for an extra charge.

Level/Floor of Your House

Many people don’t know about this factor, and some usually underestimate it. But the level/floor of your new/current house also matters. If you live on the first floor, then loading your item in the vehicle would be more difficult as compared to the ground floor. This can also affect the price. In apartments, moving could be more difficult depending on the floor/level, cargo lift, and the distance between the vehicle and the cargo lift. Thus, you must keep this factor in mind.

Special Items

Special items require special care. There can be a piano, safe box, fish tanks, and other items that are difficult to move. They need specialized workers and special attention. For instance, a piano cannot be moved with ease. It’s delicate and expensive, so it must be moved by experts. Moreover, there could be a separate vehicle for the piano or your large fish tank. So, these items can also affect the price of the move.

How to Get an Accurate Quote?

You might be thinking that there are several factors that affect the price, then how can you get an accurate quote. For an accurate quote, you need to contact us. You need to provide each and every information about the move so that we can provide you a fair and accurate estimate.

At DFY Movers, we provide a free quote. You need to contact us via email, WhatsApp, or call, and our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.