Heavy Equipments Mover Malaysia

Heavy equipments require the help of a professional moving company in Malaysia. You cannot move heavy equipment on your own because they require special tools, vehicles, expertise, and training. If you have purchased new equipment, and you want to move it, then don’t worry.

DFY Movers has a perfect solution to your problem. We provide heavy equipments moving services all over Malaysia. No matter what kind of heavy equipment you want to move, we have got you covered. We can move construction equipment, agriculture equipment, factory equipment, machinery, etc. Just get in touch with us, we will move your heavy equipment to your desired place.

Why Hire Heavy Equipments Moving Services?

It is essential to hire heavy equipments moving services. Most people do not take any risk, and they hire professional movers. The reasons to hire the service are,

Heavy Equipment

The obvious reason for hiring equipments moving services is the weight. The equipments are very heavy, so it is not easy to handle and move them to the place.

If you don’t know how to handle them properly, you can injure yourself or damage the equipment. The best option is to hire a professional mover and move without any hassle.

Trained Professionals

Heavy equipments moving services have trained professionals. They have been working for years and have a wide experience.

They can deal with any problem or issue professionally. You will be in peace because your equipment will be in safe hands.

Expensive Equipment

Equipment is usually very expensive. You might need to spend a lot on repairs if you damage anything during the move. Therefore, you cannot take any risk. The equipment must be moved with care and precaution.

If you book a heavy equipments moving service, then there is no need to worry about damage. They also have insurance to deal with any mishappening.

Safe Transportation

Moving heavy equipment is a difficult task. Due to their heavy-weight and large size, it is difficult to transport them.

There are special tools and vehicles required to move the equipment safely to the desired place. Heavy equipments moving services can help you transport your equipment with ease.

They are well-equipped, and they will handle everything on their own,

Process of Heavy Equipement Moving Process

There are a few steps of our heavy equipment moving process.

Step 1: Inspection and Planning

First, we inspect the equipment. We see the size, weight, number of equipment, etc. We arrange everything according to that, including trucks, tools, workers, heavy machinery, etc.

After inspection, our team starts working. There is no need for inspection if the equipment is common, and you have the information related to its size, weight, and other things.

Step 2: Loading

We load the equipment safely on the vehicle. We make sure to avoid damage to the equipment.

Our team loads the equipment with the help of tools and machinery if required.

Step 3: Transportation

We make sure that the equipment remains safe during transport. There are different types of transport vehicles, we can arrange according to your equipment.

We tie the equipment with the vehicle so that it cannot move. We can directly drop the equipment to the desired place, or we can store it safely in our storage space for some time.

Step 4: Unloading

Once we arrive at the destination, we unload the equipment with care.

We handover the equipment to the owner.

Heavy Equipment Moving Services Price

The price of moving services depends on many factors. The price varies according to the requirements. Some of the factors are,

  • Type of equipment
  • Vehicle Required
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Distance

There are many more factors. The best way to get a quote is by talking to our representative. You can contact us, and we will provide you an estimate.

How to book a Heavy Equipments Movers in Malaysia?

Booking Heavy equipment moving services from DFY Movers is very easy. You can book your service in three steps.


The easiest way to contact us is our contact form. You can also call us directly.

You can provide us the information related to the move. Your information will help us to make the estimate.


Get a Quote

We provide you a quote on call or email. The quote is based on the information you have provided.

Any change in the information can alter the quote.



Once you confirm our services on the desired day, we send you a confirmation email.

We will be ready with our team according to the schedule.

FAQs about Heavy Equipment Moving Service

How do I get a quote for heavy equipment moving services?

You can get a quote by contacting us through our contact form or phone number. Our representative will give you any information you need. For a perfect quote, you need to provide information related to move. Based on the information, our representative will propose a quote according to the service required.

Why book a service instead of doing it yourself?

Moving heavy equipment is not an easy task. You need special vehicles, tools, expertise, and people. The equipment is usually very heavy, and you can damage yourself and the equipment due to improper handling. There can be a huge loss.

They are well-equipped and can carry out the task with ease. They know how to handle equipment safely and move to the desired place. You can rely on them. Your movement becomes easy and stress-free.

Why choose DFY Movers for heavy equipment moving services?

DFY Movers have been providing its services for decades. We have enough experience and trained workers. We can move your heavy equipment to anywhere in Malaysia without any problem. Our expert teams know how to deal with heavy equipment. We handle them with care. Our reliable service is trusted in Malaysia. Moreover, we offer reasonable quotes to our customers.

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