Furniture Movers Malaysia

Are you troubled with moving new furniture to any place? Do you want to move your valuable furniture without any damage or scratches?

DFY Movers has got you covered, we have made your work easy. We can provide furniture moving services anywhere in Malaysia. We have trained professionals who can move your furniture safely to the desired place without any damage. You don’t need to do anything; our teams will carry out the work professionally. Just hire our movers and make your moving stress-free and easy. The movement of your furniture is our responsibility.

Why Hire Furniture Moving Services?

There are a few reasons to hire professional moving services. The reasons are,

Large and Heavy Items

Furniture is large and requires a lot of space. You need to take help from a few people to lift it and load it into the truck. Further, it is cumbersome and can cause any injury. So, people do not take any risk.

They hire professional furniture moving services. These movers come with the number of people required; you don’t need to seek help. They move your furniture quickly into the truck.


Furniture moving services take responsibility for your furniture. They move it with perfection.

So, you can be free of stress. Your furniture moves to the new place without any hassle.

Quick Service

Furniture movers can move your furniture quickly within the given timeline. You can be busy with your schedule, but the service provider completes the task on its own. Your furniture is moved to the place without any delay.

Expensive Furnitures

Furniture is expensive. You save money to buy it; therefore, it is necessary to keep it safe during transportation. Any damage can be heavy on your pocket.

Further, in most cases, the repaired furniture does not look like the new one. Hiring furniture moving services is better because their trained people can move expensive items safely. They have the required tool to lift it and load it into the truck.Moreover, they pack it properly using different wraps. The furniture remains safe during transportation.

Trained Professionals

Furniture moving services have trained professionals who can move your furniture in less time.

They are trained. They know how to deal with delicate and expensive items. Due to their vast experience, they can deal with any type of furniture


Many people do not have the proper tools at their home. So, it is not possible to move the furniture without them.

It is better to hire furniture moving services rather than buying tools. The moving company workers are well-equipped. They do not need anything from you.

Furniture Moving Services Process

There are a few steps involved in the process.

Step 1: Inspection

We see the furniture and examine its dimensions. We arrange the vehicle, workforce, and accessories accordingly.

After inspection, we can carry out the process with ease.

Step 2: Packing

We pack the furniture to keep it safe from the scratches. We use bubble wraps, foam, plastic wrap, and other things to keep your furniture safe and sound.

It is necessary to tie the furniture in the truck so that it cannot move. We do everything on our own efficiently.

Step 3: Loading and Transportation

After packing, we load the furniture in the truck with care. Our trained workers handle the furniture properly. We keep the furniture safe during the move.

Step 4: Unloading and Unpacking

We unload the furniture at the desired place. Our team can move the furniture into the house and place it wherever you want.

Now, you can unpack it. The process is complete.

Price To Book a Furniture Mover in Malaysia

The price of furniture moving service depends on a few things. Some factors are,

  • the Volume of the furniture
  • Distance
  • Type of truck required
  • Number of people required
  • Boxes

These are only a few factors. The best way to get the quote is to inform us. We provide a free quote. You only need to contact us with the relevant information.

How to Book Furniture Moving Services in Malaysia

We have made the booking of furniture moving services easy. There are only three steps.


You can contact us using our contact form and provide the relevant details about the move.

You can provide your email address, moving location, furniture details, day of the move, etc. We will get back to you soon.


Get a Quote

Our team makes a reasonable quote according to the information you have provided.

If any information is missing, we ask you about that. We make a free quote for you.



Once you are satisfied with the quote, you can confirm our service. We will be ready with our team on the day.

We reach the place, pick up the furniture, and carry out the process.

FAQs about Furniture Moving Services

How do I get a quote for furniture moving services?

We provide a free quote to our customers. You need to contact us through our contact form. We need some information to make a quote. You can fill the details in the form. Our representative will contact you on your phone or email to give you a free quote.

Why book a service instead of doing it yourself?

It is not easy to move furniture. Furniture is usually heavy and requires expertise to move it. You can damage the furniture or injure yourself. If you want to make the moving relaxed and happy, then it is better to spend money on furniture moving services. They will take care of the furniture and drop it off safely at the desired location. You don’t need to do anything and ask anyone for help.

Why choose DFY Movers for furniture moving services?

DFY Movers has got you covered with all types of moving services. We can move furniture, offices, houses, fixtures, gym equipment, etc. We are serving our customers for more than a decade, and we can help you move your furniture safely and quickly. Our experienced team will do the job with perfection. Our quote is also reasonable; you can try it by getting a free quote.

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