Commercial Movers Malaysia

Are you putting a stop to your business operations while moving? Do not worry. DFY Movers will help you with timely services and efficient moving techniques to enable you to start your business as soon as possible. Your business will be least affected by your move.

Our well-trained moving team in Malaysia will take care of everything. Our team will pack all your furniture, including desk, chairs and as well as computers and scanners securely and adequately. We take care of electronics items the most in a commercial move because we know that these are the most expensive items. We pack separately for different cubicles so that it becomes easy to unpack, and nothing is left behind or lost. Moreover, our supervisor will take care of the safety of all your furniture during the move.

Why Book a Commercial Mover Service?


You cannot put the responsibility of moving on to your employees. Although it might be a trick for you to save money, it can turn into a disaster if any major thing is damaged.

Allow your employees to be stress-free and bring in the professionals. They know how to handle furniture and equipment, unlike your employees.


This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a commercial mover for your business. Most of the people have heavy machinery and expensive equipment in their office.

Professionals know how to care for them, but if anything gets damaged, there is no need to worry because they are insured. In case of any accidental damage, the commercial movers will be responsible.

Quick and Efficient

Bringing in the professionals for your commercial move is a smart step. In this way, your employees are not bothered, and their productivity is not disturbed.

Meanwhile, the professionals will speed up the moving process, and it will have the least effect on your business dealings and productivity.

Storage Facility

Moving a business can result in the need for a storage facility. Indeed, it is mostly in the case if you are downsizing your business. There is always some equipment that you cannot throw away because they are not in use.

However, commercial movers have storage facilities where you can store your things for a short time.

Commercial Movers Process

The commercial moving process consists of a few steps. These steps are:

Step 1: Inspection and Planning

Our team will inspect your place and make a list of things that you need to move.

We will compare the size of both places and then make a plan according to it. Moreover, after proper inspection, we can provide you with a quote.

Step 2: Packing

We have a team of professionals who will pack everything safely. Your furniture will also be wrapped in plastic to avoid any scratches.

If there are fragile items, then we will pack them using bubble wraps to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Step 3: Loading

The next step is loading. After packing all items properly, we load them into the truck in a safe way so that they don’t get damaged.

The appropriate truck is used for movement as there are many types of trucks assigned for different types of equipment and move.

Step 4: Unloading and Unpacking

The last step is to unload all the packed items and shift them into your new business location.

Our team will safely take out all the items for the truck and unpack it at the very moment and set up the new place. So, there is no waste of time, and you can get back to your business.

Price To Hire a Commercial Mover in Malaysia

Commercial movers’ prices depend on different things. These things are:

  • Size of the place
  • Number of furniture and equipment
  • Is there a use of a forklift for heavy machinery or not?
  • Numbers of workers required.
  • Distance
  • Size of the truck required.
  • Types of appliances

However, to get a proper price, the best way is to contact us. We will inspect everything and provide you with a reasonable quote.

How To Book a Service From DFY Movers

We have a very easy booking process that consists of three easy steps. These steps are:


You can contact us via our website or at a given contact number. Also, there is a contact form. You can contact us using any source.

Our team will make sure to provide you with all the details or get back to you after reading your form.


Get a Quote

Upon getting the information about your move, we make a quote. We will provide you with a reasonable quote, and we will answer your query if there is any.



After you are provided with the quote, you can confirm our services. We will make sure to make your commercial move quick and efficient.

Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we are always punctual and reliable, so that there is no complaint

FAQs About Booking Commercial Movers

How do I get a quote for commercial movers?

Getting a quote for a commercial move is very easy. Contact us through our website and provide all the relevant information about the move. Including size, equipment, appliances, destination, day, time, etc. We will then provide you with a quote according to your specification and requirement.

Why book commercial movers instead of doing it yourself?

Most of the owners use their employees to move. This may be a money-saving option, but it is not safe and efficient. There are expensive furniture, appliances, and even machinery in a commercial place that needs extra care and handling.

Employees are not professional movers, and they can damage these items. To avoid any kind of damage, it is better that you hire professional commercial movers. They are reliable, efficient, insured, and know how to handle and tackle any situation during the move.

Why choose DFY Movers for Commercial Movers in Malaysia?

When it comes to moving, we all know that DFY Movers have been in this industry for more than ten years. We have professional workers and proper equipment to carry out the task of moving. Whether it is a local move or international, DFY Movers never say no to its customers. Just book our commercial movers services, and it is our responsibility to satisfy you as a customer.

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