If you’re planning on moving to a new house, the first thing that you’ll want to do is pack up all of your belongings. It can be hard to decide what needs to go and what needs to stay behind. If there are any items that you know will not have a place in your new home, now is the time to get rid of them!

This blog post will help give you some ideas about what might need to go before starting packing for your move so you can go ahead and hire a professional house mover from Malaysia right away.

Questions to Ask Before Getting Rid of Items


It can be hard to get rid of items that you’ve had in your home for a long time, but sometimes it’s just not worth taking them with you. Here are some questions to ask yourself before letting go of an item:

  • Will I be able to purchase this kind of item again?
  • Has this item done its purpose?
  • Is this item taking up too much room?
  • Will I ever miss or need this item again?
  • Does this item still have worth?
  • Does this item have sentimental value?

When you weigh out the pros and cons of keeping an item, you may find that getting rid of it is the best option for your moving situation. Although you might feel a bit sad since (of course) no one wants to let go of their furniture. However, you need to remember that your moving day is about starting fresh in your new home!

Common Things to Get Rid of When Moving

get rid of things

If you’re still unsure of what items should be going out, then we’ve compiled a list of common things that need to be gotten rid of before a moving process.

Old towels and mats

You can’t possibly bring rugged and old bath mats with you to your new house. Since they’re not likely to match the decor of your new home, it’s best that you go ahead and throw them out!

You might also want to consider getting rid of old towels since a lot of people forget about how many towels they actually have lying around their homes. If any of these items are near their end, then now is definitely the time to let them go before moving day arrives. You can always purchase more if needed in your closest department stores.

Unuseful Mugs and Kitchen Utensils

If you’re a sucker for cute mugs or if you have a collection of random kitchen tools that don’t match, then it’s probably time to get rid of them. When moving into your new home, you will not need these items, so gather them up and donate them for someone else to use!

Cleaning Supplies

When moving to a new place, a few things you shouldn’t bring with you are half-used bottles of cleaning supplies. You’ll be able to purchase a few new items when you move into your new house or apartment, so don’t feel bad about letting go of the old ones.

Toilet Plunger

It can be gross to bring an old, dirty plunger with you to your new house. These items are already full of germs and dirt that you surely wouldn’t want to contaminate your new home.

Old and Broken Furniture

If you’ve got closets, tables, chairs, desks, and dressers that are broken or old, then you should consider getting rid of them. After all, there’s no use trying to bring these items with you since they’re not going to be usable.

Electronics That Aren’t Working Anymore

It’s a common habit for most of us to keep old electronics around our homes, but sometimes they can go unused. Instead of looking at these items every day and feeling bad about not using them, it’s best to get rid of them, so you don’t have any clutter in your new home.

Magazines and Old Books

If your cabinets and shelves are just getting cluttered because of old magazines and books, then it’s a good idea to get rid of them. You may keep those important and useful items, but it’s not ideal to keep a bunch of others around, especially when they’re not needed anymore.

Wrapping It Up

As a professional moving company, we’ve seen many people make the mistake of packing up too much stuff before their move. It can be hard to let go of sentimental items that you might not use in your new home, but overpacking will only lead to jamming into tight spaces and adding more stress during an already stressful time.

Contact us today for a quote on how our team of professionals can help take care of all your needs at this difficult time so that when it comes down to just what essentials you need, you know exactly where they are!