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Most people find it difficult to move from a house into an apartment especially when they have lived in a house for years. It is a little hard to move everything into an apartment. You cannot do it on your own. But professional moving companies like DFY Movers can help you in this case of moving from a house into an apartment in Malaysia. We can guide through all steps from packing to moving. Our professional and trained workers will move your belongings to the new apartment safely. No matter where your apartment is, we will move your things anywhere in Malaysia.

An apartment is not like a house. There are many things that you need to consider. Some smart decisions will make your moving easy and allow you to live in the apartment with ease. No one likes a cluttered apartment. You must take care of many things before you move. So, we are going to give you some tips that will be beneficial for you. Some of the tips that will help you to move from a house to an apartment are as follows.

Adjust To Less Space

No matter how big the apartment is, it will always be smaller than a house. Usually, apartments are smaller than homes. You should do everything after considering the space you have. It is better to have a minimal and organized hour than a cluttered house. The more quickly you get this point, the better. It will frustrate you in the beginning because you will need to get rid of many things. Only necessary and compulsory stuff can be accommodated into an apartment. Maybe you need to cut down heavy furniture, backup kitchen appliances, and even extra clothes. You will live a minimal life with limited commodities in an apartment.

To get rid of unnecessary items, make a list of items. Now decide which is necessary and which is not. Furthermore, you can also decide which thing can be replaced by a shorter version. For example, instead of taking a huge blender, you can shift to a compact one. So, you can try to reduce the belongings you have.

Considering Pets

Pets are a big part of our lives. It is important to consider them as well as most of the apartments don’t have the luxury of keeping pets. Some apartments may allow cats but not dogs. In rare cases, even if the dogs are allowed, they are not comfortable in limited and congested space. There can be limitations for dogs as well. Dogs may not adjust to an apartment. Therefore, it is very important to consider your pets when moving from a house to an apartment.

Furniture Choices

Furniture is a big part of our house. No matter how big or small the house is, there will always be heavy furniture to enhance the decor of the house. Unfortunately, this is not the case with an apartment. When you are moving to an apartment you need to be compact and make efficient choices. Furniture of any size can not fit in your home anymore. You need to make appropriate and efficient furniture choices now so that your new apartment does not look congested.

Pick the Right Moving Service

Some people consider moving all by themselves when moving into an apartment. They think they have fewer belongings, and they can do it. But most people hire house movers in Malaysia as they know how to adjust the stuff into a smaller space with efficiency. There are some furniture and things that need to be moved with extra care which not all of us can do. So, it is important to plan and execute the move while moving. Furthermore, apartments are way above the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to handle them with care while using cargo lifts and moving things.


Moving from a house to an apartment is a big step for anyone. Although it can be a smart choice, you need to consider many things. As all the things can not be moved to an apartment due to its size, you need to get ready for less storage. Getting rid of excess things is the second thing you need to do. You can either give them away or sell them on community markets. You can also ask your professional moving company what to do with them. Moreover, you need to be picky about getting furniture. As there will be less space in the apartment, so choose accordingly. These are some effective tips that you can use when you move from a house to an apartment in Malaysia.