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Moving is a daunting and stressful task, and you also can’t move all the items on your own. That’s why many people hire professional house movers in Malaysia to pack and move their household items for them. They have the right tools, techniques, and years of experience; therefore, they make moving a very easy, safe, and less stressful task. So, it is wiser to hire professional mover, but many people are reluctant and have doubts in their minds which are, “What to do while movers are moving?”. Thus, in this article, we are going to tell what you should do before and during moving when the mover is packing and moving your household items.

Be Prepared & Ready For The Move

The first important thing you should do is to be ready and prepared for movers. It reduces overall cost especially in local movement or where mover charge on the basis time consumed or hourly basis. So, you can do the following things; these things will not only reduce overall cost, but also speed up the process, reduce chances of incident or damage, and ensure safety.  

Shortlist Unnecessary Items

So, this is the first thing you should do, that is list down the entire unnecessary items in your home. Remember this the best time to get rid of unwanted items or those you didn’t want to use in the future, so inspect each room properly and gift, donate, sell, or trash them. Do whatever you want. It’ll ultimately reduce moving costs and time.

Pack Unbreakable Items

The second thing you can do is pack unbreakable items like books, documents, bed items like pillows, clothes, etc. by yourself. But it is better to pack them before mover’s arrival or you can also do this while movers are packing too. There is no need to pay movers to pack unbreakable items. So, it also cut down the overall cost and speeds up the process.

Un-plug All Electronics Appliances

Un-plugging all the electronic appliance especially those cords and wires that are on the floor, it is also an important step that you must take before movers started moving in your home. It ensures the safety of movers and children as well during moving. One more thing you can while unplugging connection, take pictures if you don’t have manuals or don’t know how to reconnect, it will help you in reconnection after the move.   

Pack Highly Valuable Items

You can pack highly valuable items like jewelry, important documents when movers are moving or packing. But it is far better to pack them before movers start or even come and store those important boxes away from other boxes so that it wouldn’t mess with other boxes and movers wouldn’t put them in moving truck by mistake. Since these valuable items should move with you.

Clean & Defrost Fridge

Of course, you couldn’t defrost the fridge on moving day because defrosting takes time. It is also of the thing you should do before mover come or even at night before the moving day. So, that can be easily moved on moving day by the movers.

2) Ensure Safety

You must ensure everyone’s safety, do whatever you can do to save everyone during moving, particularly

Safety of Children

During moving, movers move heavy items and also whole things are messed up. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your children and little ones, it is better to drop your children to your relatives or someone whom you can trust. If you can’t, then lock your children in one room with someone who can take care of them, by doing so, you ensure the safety of your children and can focus on the moving activity.  

Safety of Pets

Like children, you should drop pets to a neighbor’s house on moving day. So that they stay safe and won’t panic by seeing numbers of movers (stranger) move your household items.

Safety of Movers

Although movers are professional and trained in moving and can take care of themselves, but ensure movers safety is also your moral responsibility. Therefore, make sure the floor is clean and there should be no water, dust, ice, debris, oil, and also unplug wire connections on the floor, which may lead to any kind of causality or accident during moving.  

3) Be Hospitable & Offer Refreshments

Be hospitable with movers means offering them coffee, tea, and snack as well because moving is a time taking process and sometimes it takes hours and even a complete day. So, providing refreshments, keep movers energetic and fresh. It will definitely help to speed up the moving process and show good gesture and appreciation as well for their hard work.

4) Let Movers Do Their Work

You have hired professional movers after searching, so let them do their work. Movers are professional and have years of moving experience; therefore, let them do their work and don’t interfere with them in every move. If you keep interfering in the moving process, then moving will not be smooth and take more time which ultimately costs you more.

This does not mean that you just stand aside and leave all the moving works on movers. Be present there to assist movers when needed, because sometimes it happens that they have questions when they are packing and moving particular things and also keep an eye on moving.  You can contact a local mover if you see there is something wrong, and if they didn’t respond you can also contact the moving company directly.


We all know moving is a tough and stressful job that’s why we suggest you to hire a professional moving company in Malaysia. All the moving activities on behalf of you. But, hiring movers does not mean you don’t need to do anything and let them do it themselves. There are many things you can do while movers are moving so that the tasks will be quicker, safer and easier for them. You hired them to do the task for you; thus, you don’t need to do much on moving day. You can rest and also enjoy free time with family but make sure to hire reliable, trustworthy, and professional movers. Therefore, do some research before hiring.