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Moving is not an easy process. You pack all of your house belongings and take them with you. It takes time and patience to move to a new house. While moving, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. One of the most important things is packing. How will you pack all of your things in a way that it becomes easy for you to unpack in your new house?

Many different ways can guide you through packing efficiently. Clothes and other items such as furniture do not require much care as they are not breakable. But when it comes to fragile and ceramic items, you need to care for such stuff as there is a high risk of damage. Many people will tell you from their experience how to pack fragile and breakable items. It is very important to know this because it comes in great use when you are packing and are about to move.

Packing is a struggle. You need to be extra careful when packing for fragile items. There are many ways in which you can pack your fragile things. It is better to follow a line of instructions and start with something and then go with the flow. Some very common types of fragile items that you can pack protectively are as follows.

Pack Plates Separately

The first fragile thing that comes to mind when starting to pack is plates. It is of great value to our ladies. So, it is extremely important to take care of plates and make sure nothing gets broken. It is better to pack and wrap each plate. In this way, there are fewer chances of risk. You can use bubble wraps and stack the plates vertically. The box should be compact and only contains plates to ensure safety. Avoid using bigger boxes for packing plates, and do not put other stuff besides plates in the box.

Use Cushioning

When packing for fragile items, you should make sure that things don’t collide with each other. It is important to keep every fragile item at a safe distance or within a safe environment. Use cushioning to avoid any type of breakage or crack. You can use bubble wraps to pack your things. However, it can be expensive using this amount of bubble wrap. As an alternative, you can use a good amount of tissue paper. It is one of the best alternatives to bubble wrap, and it is inexpensive as well.

Use The Correct Size Of Box

Packing fragile items in a box is a safe technique, but the box needs to be compact. Boxes should not contain excess space after putting the ceramic into the box. It will create a room in the box that can result in breaking the ceramic. So, the box should be compact, and you should place heavy, fragile items at the bottom and lightweight items on top. It will also add to the safety of your fragile items.

Contact a Moving Company

If you are new to packing and moving, then you should contact a moving company in Malaysia. If you are moving within Malaysia, then you should contact DFY Movers as we are the best in moving business. We know how to take care of fragile items in the best way. You can also ask how you can pack ceramic and fragile items. Or you can also ask to perform the packing and moving for you. We know how to handle situations and provide you with a satisfactory and easy move.


Moving to a new house can be difficult if you are not familiar with packing. Fragile items can make you worry as they are expensive items, and you can not afford to lose them. It is better than you learn how to pack fragile items. Use bubble wraps and newspapers on each item and place them in a box. A box that is precisely cut and does not have excess space. Use as much cushioning as you can to make sure that ceramics are safe. Otherwise, you can ask the professional house movers in Malaysia to give you a hand and pack your fragile items for you. This way you can move all your items to your new house safely.