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Rain is a blessing for everyone all over the world. Most people enjoy the rainy season, but it can sometimes cause trouble. Starting a new life in your new house with this blessing can ruin your mood. If you are planning your move for months and have booked a moving company, then rain can be upsetting. There are many precautions that you have to take during the rainy season. But if you have the access to professional movers, then you don’t need to worry much as they will take care of the situation. If you are planning to move to anywhere in Malaysia and by chance, it is the rainy season, you can contact DFY Movers for house relocation services an affordable price.

If you have planned your move long before knowing the weather forecast, then the only thing you can do is to prepare yourself. You cannot say how the weather will be on the day, so it is better to make all the arrangements. Make sure that all your stuff stays dry, and the boxes are moving with care. There are some tips on how you can move house in the rain. Contact your moving company and discuss the following tips with them to ensure the safety of your things.

Prepare Your New Home

Moving during the rainy season can cause a mess in your new home. So, it is important to prepare your new house as you and movers will be moving back and forth. You can place towels and cardboards near your front door and make a walkway so that only that particular part gets dirty. It will be much easier to clean.

Protect Your Furniture

Furniture gets affected by the rain. So you need to protect it from the rain. There are many ways in which you can protect your furniture from water. You can either park the moving truck close to your house or in the main driveway so that the mover can quickly move the furniture inside the house. The furniture will be very less exposed to rain. Another way to protect your furniture is to prepare the furniture one day before moving. If you are sure of rain on your moving day, then you can get shrink wraps. You can shrink wrap your furniture one day before the moving day. This will allow the furniture to drip off the water, and there will be no watermarks as well.

Protect Your Cardboard Boxes

Good quality cardboard boxes are more durable and stronger and can hold rain for a day. But if you are using old cardboard boxes, then there is a chance that they are eroded because of the previous usage. It is important to take precautions for these old boxes. You can use packing tape and wrap the box properly with it. Cover all the holes and cracks in the box with multiple wraps of packing tape. To ensure more safety, you can put a plastic sheet on top of the boxes. You can put your items in plastic bags and then put them in cardboard boxes.

Make Sure Of Insurance

There is a high risk of damage to your property when you are moving in a rainy season. Although a good and reliable moving company comes with insurance, you must ask them. As the rainy season is slippery and dangerous, you cannot take any risk. If there is any damage, the insurance will take care of it. Otherwise, it can be very expensive for you.


Moving is a great phase of one’s life but can be ruined by certain things. One of the things is the rainy season that can wash away all your planning and intentions. So, it is better that you prepare for the worst condition. Talk to your moving company and come up with a plan to tackle rain. You can prepare your new home as it will get dirty during the move in the rain. You can place towels and boxes in the walkway and on the front doors. Another thing you can do is to secure your boxes by packing tape and protect your furniture with shrink tapes. Moreover, to get the best protection and coverage make sure that you are covered by an insurance company so that any damage can be compensated.