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If you are planning to move, then it is important that you stay organized. It will help you in every manner. Staying organized not only means that it should be related to paperwork but you also need to pack in a proper and organized manner. Professional movers know how to pack and unpack all the things in an organized way. DFY Movers offers house moving services that can help you in all kinds of packing if you are planning to move anywhere in Malaysia. There are many techniques that can be used to pack boxes and label them. It is not a complex procedure but to do it efficiently you need to follow some steps.

Talk To Your Movers

Before starting to pack and label the boxes, it is important that you talk to your movers. Professionals movers know all the tricks to handle these situations. They may guide you from where you can get free or cardboard boxes. In some cases, they may even provide the boxes. Furthermore, you can discuss the process of labeling and moving the boxes so that you both are on the same page. Professional movers may even guide you on how to label the boxes properly.

1. Develop A Color Code

If a box is not labeled, who knows what’s inside the box. It is important that you label the box. It helps in packing, arranging the move, and unpacking the box more efficiently. One of the best ways to label the boxes is to use a color code. It is very simple, you just designate a color to a particular room. Just buy different color markers to label each box separately. It is better that you get color tapes as well. In this way, you can easily arrange the boxes for a room, and it will help you greatly in unpacking.

2. Label Room By Room

Another effective way to label the boxes is to label the boxes room by room. It makes the packing and unpacking easy for both the mover and you. It also helps the movers when they are dealing with arranging and moving the boxes. If you are labeling with one marker just make sure to label on each side of the box so that it is easy to read the label. Room by room labeling comes in great handy when you are unloading the boxes. The movers can easily move the boxes to their particular rooms.

3. Label By Number Code

Labeling the boxes according to numbers is another method. This method requires more work as you need to make a proper list. The list will contain the items that are in particular numbered boxes. For example, there are boxes from 1-10. Your list will contain 10 columns in which items of each box will be mentioned. It is also a good method to label the boxes. But it is better to label according to rooms.

Use Pre-Printed Labels

If you don’t want to waste your time and label each box separately, then there is an alternate and easy way for it. There are labels available on the internet. These labels are pretty common such as “fragile”, “this side up” and “handle with care”. If you are not much of an organized person, you can go for these pre-printed labels. These are easy to print and use, and it saves a lot of your time while being effective.


Moving is one of the most difficult jobs that one has to do. If you are not organized and not hiring a moving company, then you can get in real trouble. It is very important to know all the things that are related to packing and moving if you are about to move. If you hire a Moving company in Malaysia, you can just let the movers to handle everything for you.

Packing and labeling the boxes is one of the most important things as it can help you to unpack easily. There are various methods in which you can label your boxes. You can either develop a color code, use number coding or use pre-printed labels. Color coding is the most effective technique in which you just need to assign one color to a room and pack the boxes according to it. It helps in unpacking the boxes as well. Moreover, movers can also guide you on how you can label the boxes.