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Packing is the most important task when you want to move to a new house. There are a lot of things including documents, jewelry, clothes, toiletry, furniture, decorative items and many more. It is a strenuous task to pack all things correctly. You need to separate different items and arrange them in a separate box. Moreover, your things can be damaged if the box is not packed properly. You should know the correct methods and tips to pack things. You cannot bear the damage or cost of repairs. If you don’t want to pack all the stuff yourself, you can hire a house mover in Malaysia.

As you reach the new house, you also need to unpack everything. If you have organized everything perfectly, then you will be able to find the required thing. Otherwise, you will end up looking for your things in future.

Tips to Pack Everything Correctly

We are going to give you some tips that will help you manage everything properly in an organized fashion. Let’s look at these tips.

Start Early

Packing is not an easy or quick process. You need to put some effort to organize things. You should start packing at least a week before moving. Identify which things are important and you need them every day. Start packing lesser-used things first. You can start from the room which is not used much. Pack things in the order of lesser-used to the most used. In this way, your life will not be too interrupted before the move.

Make a List

Make a list of everything including the content of the box. There should be different boxes for different rooms. Pack the same type of things in the same box. Count boxes and number them. You can also prioritize boxes and open one by one according to priority. Your list will help you to count and check everything after reaching the new house. 

Boxes and Tape

You should gather some boxes or cartons according to the volume of your cargo. You can pack things in the boxes. This will keep your things safe and protect them from accidents during moving. Get boxes of different sizes to pack things. The tape should be a heavy-duty packing tape that will be strong enough to handle rough handling. Moreover, the weight of the box with things should not be more than 12-15kg. Otherwise, you can get injured while lifting the box. So, make sure the weight is within that range and the carton can easily bear the weight.


Pack the same or similar item in the same box. For example, a box of documents, a box of essentials, a box of tools, etc. After packing the box, you should label it. This will help you to remember which thing is in which box. You can easily unpack the box you want. Buy some stickers and a marker to label every box. Make sure to mark fragile items, so the workers can handle it with care. This will save you time and your things will remain organized.

Use Newspaper, Bubble Wraps, and Wrapping Plastic

After packing things, you can fill the space with newspapers. This will protect your things from moving around and getting damaged. The items will not be able to move you have filled the gaps with newspapers. Crockery and other fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wraps to bear the bumps from the road. Your furniture can be scratched during the move, it is better to wrap them in plastics to avoid any knocks and scratches.

Turn off the Refrigerator

You need to defrost the refrigerator before moving. You can turn it off 24-48 hours before moving. Then dry the inside of the refrigerator. You can also tape the drawers, they will stay in their place. Finally tape the doors shut so that it will not swing open and getting damaged while moving.

Pack Essential Thing Together

There will be many things to pack, but you should pack the necessary and essential things in one place. Pack the first aid kit, snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, etc together. You can put all the things that you will need after moving to a new house. Upon arrival, you will easily find all these things in one place.


The documents are very necessary. There will be birth certificates, academic records, property papers, agreement, etc. You can pack all these things together in a document file. If you have many files, then put all the files in a box. And make sure to label it.

Things You Cannot Move with Movers

You cannot pack everything. Movers will not allow you to carry any hazardous material. They will not move batteries, thinner, fire extinguishers, flammable items, corrosive items etc. You need to dispose of detergents and cleaners. It is better to use these things. You cannot move plants as well. Some movers have the facility for moving pets, but most movers do not move pets. You can ask the moving company about the things that they do not move.

Decorative Items and Glass

Decorative items and glass are fragile. You should wrap these things with bubble wrap before placing them in the box. Do not forget to label it and tell the mover what it contains.

Packing of Clothes

You might not want to make your ironed clothes wrinkled. So, you can buy a few wardrobe boxes for your clothes that are for daily use. You can hang your clothes in these boxes just like a wardrobe and they will reach the new house in the same condition. Moreover, you can pack unnecessary clothes in a bag or suitcase.


You need to pack your things properly before moving. Otherwise, your things will be damaged inside the boxes. To save your things and money on repairs, you should see the tips that we have given you to keep your things safe. You also need to organize things, so you can find easily. We have provided you some tips to organize different things.

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