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Moving a house is a big task. It is not only difficult and expensive but it also consumes time and effort. It requires planning and arrangements. The move cannot be completed on a weekend, it requires weeks. Packing your belongings, loading them in the truck and all things require time and effort. When you reached your new house then the task of unpacking the things.

Utility Providers

You need to arrange with all the utility providers for electricity, water, and the internet in advance. So there will not be any major interruptions to your life. Telling them in advance will help them to manage your current meter reading and giving the final bill of your former house.

Packing A House For Moving

Packing is a tedious task. While packing, you should ensure the best possible protection for your belongings. You should start packing as early as possible and should take proper precautions so that the safety of your belongings is secured.

If you are packing yourself, then it will take a lot of time and effort. It will require nearly one or two weeks to pack all the things. Packing a house will take much longer than packing for a standard room. Start with the storage areas such as basements and garages as it will require more time and energy. Before starting, make sure you have all the packaging supplies so that you don’t need to go to the market in the middle of packing as it will waste your time.

If you hire professional movers, then they will save your time and complete the packing task in 6-8 hours. We provide every facility. Whether it be moving a fragile material or even piano. DFY Movers can provide house moving services in Malaysia at an affordable price.

Loading A Truck

A team of professionals movers will take 6 hours for a four-bedroom house and 4-5 hours for a three-bedroom house. The time to load your belongings into the truck will depend on the number of boxes, the distance between the truck and the house, the flight of stairs and extra care for fragile items. Overall on average for a two-bedroom house, a team of four professionals will take only three hours to load your belongings onto the truck.

Local or International Movement

When estimating the time for moving house it is important to know whether the move is local or international. If you are moving to a house in the same city, then the truck will arrive at the new house in a day. It will only take a few hours. But if you want to move to a new city, then it will take more time depending on the distance. DFY movers provide all types of local moving services and trained professionals who are experts in moving. We have all the vehicles and movers to move your things anywhere. Depending upon the travel time the local movement to a city will take a day or two.

International moving takes time. Depending on your destination and air travel time, international movement may take a week. DFY movers have a huge network which will help you to move without any hassle. Moving on your own internationally can be troublesome. Keep in mind that customs and security clearance can be tiring. But if you choose our International moving services, then we will provide you every facility, give an overall quote, provide packing of your belongings, keep them in a safe warehouse, provide shipping services and move into a new place. You do not need to care about your cargo size. We are a reliable source and provide all the services from scratch to moving into a new place.

Unpacking and Settling

When all your boxes and belonging are into your new house, the tasks are not finished yet. Reassembling the furniture and belongings is a big task. Professional movers know how to unpack properly without any hesitation and will reassemble all your furniture and important items in a few hours. Reassembling will take at most a day, but your unpacking may take a week or more. You can easily unpack things one by one. The help of professionals will speed up the moving process when you are tired and left with no energy at all. DFY movers provide all services in Malaysia and our professional workers are available at all times to assist you with any query.

Final Thought

Moving house is one of the most stressful and time-consuming processes. It requires expertise and special care. On average it will take 8-15 weeks in the whole process. There are a ton of problems that one can face while moving to a new house. To sell the current house and buy a new one, go through paperwork, take time off from work, get mortgage approval and so on. With all these things going in mind, packing and unpacking is a big task. Why not go for professional movers? Professional movers will take this responsibility of yours and do with all the pride. They will take care of all your belongings with extreme professionalism and safety. With them around, you do not need to take any tension.

DFY Movers are the best in the business that provides every moving services all over Malaysia. We will provide you with a quote so you can make a budget for your ease. With all the professionals on time, the house moving services can be done without any hassle. Fell free to contact us for a free quote or information.