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An office move is usually considered to be a tough task for a company. However, what must be done, must be done. Not only for the company but also for its employees. Office relocation changes the routine of employees and everybody is affected by it. Moving to a new location can be good for your company but keep in mind that some of the employees may not like this idea. As they have developed a sense of belongings to their working place and working within an environment that is hard to change. So, you need to plan everything carefully. We will guide you on how you can keep your employees informed and involve them in the relocation.

Tips to Keep Employees Informed and Confident During the Moving Process

Let us discuss some of the tips that will motivate the employees to keep confidence in you while you manage the relocation process. The goal should be simple which is keeping things quiet and quick. The faster the move the better it is for your employees.

Notify The Employees

Not many people like changes. So tell your employees about the new office move as soon as the move is finalized. Give the employees time so that relocation news can sink in. This will give employees time to prepare their travel routes and routine.

Keep the employees updated. There should be no communication gap. Motivate and inspire them by providing them with the benefits of the move. Be clear and direct to the employees so that they do not find out anything from outside the organization. This will allow the employees to trust you which will be beneficial for your move.

Build Teams

First, you need to create a plan for an office move and make a team that will follow the instructions of the team leader. Team leaders should be the business and functional representatives whom people usually follow and take instructions from. This will allow the team to promote teamwork. For a team, a leader is a key figure that people respect. A leader can let us know about how people feel about the office relocation.

Involve Your Employees

Many of the employees will want to help in the relocation process. It is important to give them a chance and appreciate them for their efforts. This will make them feel that they are a part of the team and their help is required. The most important thing is to show that they are valued in the company. Ask them to suggest the flooring or cubicle sizes so that they can feel being appreciated and involved.

Making a team that will be helpful in the movement process by assigning them tasks that are suitable for them to perform. For example, developing groups for designing floor, offices, hiring vendors, getting office moving services, etc. This will also allow the team to get an insight into what employees think of the move.

How To Move An Office While Keeping the Employees Informed?

Moving an office is unlike moving a house which is quite a simple and delicate process. Moving an office requires proper planning. A to-do list should be made and followed strictly. The right people should be assigned to perform the right job, those who are experts in their field.

Keep an eye on each individual that is working for the move. Their progress management is mandatory at every stage so that you can get an idea of how things are getting done. Try to not save your wallet and ask for advice and services from professionals. Discuss long-term storage, designs, relocation process and real estate management with the professionals. Not hiring professionals for an office move may adversely affect the relocation process because professionals know how to deal with everything. No experience to perform these tasks may put you in jeopardy and a lot of tension. So, it is better to hire professionals so that the office move can be easy for everyone.

Here are some steps that you can take with your employees and keep them informed of everything.

Office Relocation Planning

Office relocation planning will guide the company to motivate its employees for the move. It will keep them informed about everything. When planning to move an office these things are important and must be taken into consideration.  

Mark The Calendar For Important Office Move Events

Do some planning and mark all the key dates of the office move. These dates should also be shared with the interested parties. These dates may include:

  • Termination of the lease of the current office
  • Packing and emptying the building
  • Preparing all the good for transportation
  • Sign a new lease contract
  • Finally setting the date for the move

Your employees should know about these dates to work with ease.

Develop Strategies For Every Client

Come up with different strategies to inform all your clients and not the same for every other party. Using a personalized letter for everyone will keep your clients interested in your new location. The basic idea of the letter should be informed about the billing details and not any irrelevant information. Try to be precise with your words and concluding the letter with the least words as possible.

Your employees can help you as they deal with customers, ask them to make custom letters for customers.

Estimate The Office Move Cost

Moving cost matters a lot, you need to make an estimate. You can contact a professional company for that. The concerned employees should talk to a moving company and get the best quote.

DFY movers are the best when it comes to moving an office or a home. We provide a free quote that allows people to contact us with their budget. Whenever planning to move an office, first take an estimate of how much it will cost you. DFY movers provide the best services with budget-friendly rates. If you don’t know much about how to move your office, then you need to hire professional office movers in Malaysia. They will settle all your problems and give you an approximate estimate of all the costs for the move.

Final Thought

An office move can be hectic and a big hassle if professional help is not engaged. It requires skill sets and precision to carry out the tasks of moving an office. Employees should be notified first and their opinions should matter to us as they are the pillars of the company. We should trust them and allow them to speak and participate in the planning. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before the move. Like informing all the clients, signing a new lease, emptying the current building and moving.

All the tasks can be made easy if professionals’ help is recruited. DFY Movers is one of the moving company in Malaysia that could make your move easy. We are a moving company with a solid reputation in Malaysia, We have the experience, logistics to move your office, houses and personal belongings. The best thing about us is the fulfillment of the promise that we make to our clients. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote for your office move.