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Let’s say that you put an appraisal for the house and you got the house. You completed all the paperwork and now its time to move in. You start packing and arranging the packed boxes. Before loading your belongings into the truck make sure to check the house you are moving in is ready. It does not matter if the new house is newly constructed or old. There still might be some issues that need fixing. This is the reason why inspections are important to carry out. However, sometimes small problems do not make the inspection report too. You need to check the house and every corner to make sure there is no problem before moving in.

Problems Need to Be Solve Before You Move In a House

A squeaky window and a door lock, these problems can be addressed even after you move in. It is not a big deal. But some problems need a solution before moving into the house. These problems are best to look into before moving in. The following are the six common problems that require fixing before you move into the house.

Pest Infestation

The worst problem a new house owner can face is a serious pest infestation. Pest infestation spread like a fire in the forest. To avoid this problem, hire a professional company that examines and treats the infestation for you. Before moving into the house this problem needs to be solved because it will damage all your furniture and stuff and make your life miserable.

To solve this issue, the professional team may spray dangerous chemicals all over and house. Fumigating the house with gas is also a solution. Depending on the severity of the pest infestation other counters may be employed. You don’t want to live in a house that is being fumigated. By solving this problem before moving can allow you to focus calmly on unpacking and arranging your house rather than being stuck with a pest problem.

Structural Problems

A house is generally inspected before anyone moves in. Structural problems are major problems that will probably get into the inspection report. These problems are severe and require major work before moving. If not fixed, then your house could simply be an unsafe place for your family. Some of the structural problems include damaged roof, sloping floors, faulty wiring or damaged walls. These problems could lead to a bigger problem than you think. To ensure the safety of your family we recommend you fix this problem before moving in.

Drainage Problems

Drainage issue is a big problem that needs looking into before you move in. Because no tenant or owner can solve this problem while living in the house. These problems may include storm or rainwater coming inside the house and water moving towards the gutter in the street. Drainage problems are disgusting. You need a proper drainage system that allows the water to smoothly flow from the house into the gutter. A simple solution to this problem is to get your drains clean and prevent it from getting a clog.

Damaged Windows

Damaged windows may seem a small problem but is a major problem when you move into the house. Damaged cannot be closed properly and lets in wind and worse still unwanted visitors. Removing old windows and installing new ones is a time-consuming process so it is better to order new windows and get them installed before moving in. It would probably cause inconvenience if the owner is living in the house and windows are being replaced as it is quite a major repair.

Fire Safety

According to research and statistics most of the houses that catch fire, the fire starts from the kitchen. Most of the fire incidents happen at night as people forgot to turn off the gas stove or oven. Contact a team of professionals that can inspect the house and assess fire risk for you. They will let you know the best ways you can prevent fire. Some of the common solutions are to keep a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in your house. Before moving in, practice fire drills with your family so that everyone can stay safe. Buy a basic first-aid kit, it will come in handy if any minor accidents take place.

Damaged Electronic Appliances

Electronic appliances save time and energy and are a must in a house. Appliances like microwave, coffee maker, sandwich maker, refrigerator, and oven to make our lives easier. So these appliances should be in working condition before you move in. Make a check before moving into the house. Getting into a problem with electronic appliances can make your day miserable and difficult.  If you get into a problem like this, it will make your new house experience less than satisfactory. So, it’s best to check all the electronic appliances and their working condition before you move in.

Planning To Move Into A New House?

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