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The shifting and moving to a new home is, to say the least, a difficult and stressful process. It requires proper planning, time management, and physical strength. And if you do not plan your move properly, you will face a lot of trouble. One of the most difficult tasks in moving is to move household items. We can relocate and move most items by ourselves with little help from family and friends. But definitely there are some valuable and heavy items that are very difficult to move because they require proper tools, techniques, and expertise for moving. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional house mover in Malaysia to move those items; they have the right tools and experience to move such items. Thus, we are going to list down 5 household items that are very difficult to move without professionals.

5 Items that Require Professional Movers to Move

1) Piano

A piano is one of the most difficult household items to move. Those who have tried to move piano know it very well. It is an expensive and valuable item and its weight can be more than 1000 pounds. Moreover, it has several awkward angles and sensitive parts; therefore, it requires proper knowledge, tools, techniques, and expertise to move a piano. Thus, it is almost impossible to move it without any damage or injury. So, professionals piano movers are needed who moved piano with the right tools, techniques, and experience. And if you are hiring piano movers for complete moving, then ask them about the piano because not every mover can moves piano.

2) Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are more sensitive and some of them are very heavy in weight; so, they need proper handling in moving and packing as well. That’s why you need manpower to lift heavy appliances like a fridge, washing machine, etc. Likewise, you also need special care while moving the oven, ACs, and other sensitive electrical appliances. You can relocate those items on your own and with the help of family and friends, but there are higher chances that you will damage the sensitive appliances and get injured while lifting heavy appliances. Therefore, let professionals pack and move heavy and sensitive electrical and electronic appliances so that they are safely moved into your new home.

3) Antiques & Artwork

Artwork and family antiques are priceless and precious items. It seems that it is very easy to move such items, but it is not actually true. These items are very easily damaged. Since these are very valuable and have great sentimental and monetary values; therefore, you wouldn’t like any kind of damage during the move. So, you have to be very careful throughout the whole moving process and it is wiser to hire professional movers and packers to pack and move artworks and antiques without damage.  

4) Fragile Items

Fragile items like glassware, chinaware, and silverware are highly breakable items and need special care when moving. Some of these items are highly valuable and some have high monetary values and sentimental attachments; so, you never want to lose or have any kind of damage on those items. They are highly fragile and can even break with minor knocks and bumps and incorrect packing. Therefore, be careful when packing such items because special techniques, packing materials, and right boxes are required to move them without any loss or damage. Thus, it is far better to leave packing and moving of these fragile items to a professional local mover in Malaysia. They will move them easily without any damage or breakage.

5) Televisions

As the technology evolved, television screens become more advance, bigger and stylish providing better visuals experience. But when you move these new stylish and big-screen televisions, you will have to face trouble because they are also fragile and sensitive. You require the right techniques especially in its packing and moving as well. We advise you to pack it in the original box and packing supplies and if you don’t have original packing supplies, then buy the right one for it. It is highly recommended that you should hire a professional mover for safer transportation of your TV into your new home because they have especially built television boxes, padding, and have years of moving experience.

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Useful Tips to Move Such Items

  • Get an early quote. Movers might not be available at the eleventh hour. Tell them about the boxes or anything you need from them and ask for a quote.
  • If you are planning to hire professionals, then we recommend you to contact them at least one week before moving
  • Do not hire movers blindly or just because of low price, read online reviews and ask from relatives to hire right movers
  • Be physically present at home during moving so you can check everything. 
  • Compare movers in every aspect like pricing, quality, etc. before hiring  
  • Pick the right moving day. The next day should be off so that you can rest and unpack the necessary things.
  • Get boxes from movers for the packing of sensitive and fragile things.
  • Label the boxes of fragile items so that everyone knows it has sensitive things.
  • You cannot carry anything on the vehicle. Movers will not allow you to move a few things that are dangerous. So, always ask the mover what you can pack and what you cannot. 
  • You should wrap wooden furniture with plastic wraps to keep them safe from scratches and damages.
  • The sensitive and fragile decorative items and potteries can be packed in boxes using bubble wraps. Bubble wraps will protect them from damages.
  • If you have pets, then ask your movers whether they have special boxes to move pets or not. Most movers have pet moving facilities.
  • See the insurance of the moving company and what it covers.


Moving from one home to another is always a stressful and daunting process, and when it comes to movie heavy, large, electronics appliances and fragile items, it becomes a more difficult task. Therefore, it is wiser to hire professionals to move such items that are quite difficult or impossible to move without professionals.

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