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Moving from one place to another is always a difficult and stressful task. But, it can be easier and less stressful if you plan and manage things properly. First, make a list of doing things and execute accordingly. In this regard, you can contact someone who has gone through the moving process and can take advice from them and make a list of dos and don’ts. Moreover, you can hire professional movers for house moving, and it is highly recommended to hire professionals because they make moving a safer, easier, faster and cheaper process.

Besides, in this article, we are going to list down the dos and don’ts of moving.

The Dos of Moving

Here are some Dos of moving that you should keep in mind to make moving easier and organized.

Plan Your Moving As Early As Possible

Moving house, office, and anything either intentionally or locally is a time-consuming process; so, plan your move as early as possible. In fact, we advise you to plan your move ahead of time for a smoother moving process. And as you have planned for moving, start packaging your things at least one month prior so that you can manage everything properly and have plenty of time to spare. It will save time, money, and also help you to organize things properly.

Make a Checklist

After making a plan for moving, you should create a to-do list so that you will keep on track and stay on the dateline. For this, you can make a universal checklist or you can create a weekly or daily to-do checklist. Create one which suits you and will work for you.

Label All Boxes

One important thing people miss is labeling. They do not label boxes; it will create a lot of confusion during unpacking. Therefore, it is advisable to label all boxes clearly and properly. If you want to save time while labeling boxes, you can use color code, stickers, etc. You will be able to recognize the labeled boxes, and you can open them according to priority. It will not only save your time; but also give you the freedom to keep things in your desired place in your new house or office.

Hire Reliable & Professional Movers

As it is recommended earlier that you should contact and hire a professional local mover to save your time, goods and money. This will also prevent damage to your appliances and your things will reach safely. If you are planning to move through professional movers, we will suggest you hire them one or two weeks before moving because it might be possible that they are not available at the eleventh hour. Furthermore, we also suggest doing some research regarding their license and insurance before hiring any movers. In this regard, you can check online reviews or can also contact someone who already used their services. It will save you money and help you to hire the right service.

Do Measurements

Before shifting to your new home or office take measurements of your new house twice, because it has been seen that people judge measurements by only seeing. And by doing so they get their selves in trouble while their bed, sofa, etc. stuck in doorways, hallways, and even in the room. Thus, to avoid this type of problem take measurements before moving.

The Don’ts of Moving

Sending Important Items on Truck

Important items like jewelry, important documents, money, etc. shouldn’t be moved on a truck. Instead, move these types of items with you so that there is no chance of losing or misplacing these highly valuable items.

Signing Unclear Documents

Do not sign any documents and paper until you understand them properly and if there is any query asks them before signing. Otherwise, it can lead to a disaster. Therefore, take your time and read all documents thoroughly. It will save you from any kind of problem and disaster that can appear later after signing unclear papers.

Lifting Heavy Items

Lifting heavy items alone or even with friends and helpers can lead to serious injuries or can damage your things. In many cases, people suffer from serious accidents and injuries. Therefore, do not try to lift heavy items alone, instead ask for help. In fact, we advise you to leave it to professional movers to move heavy items like a piano.

Paying for Packing Unbreakable Items

You can pack unbreakable items like books, documents, pillows, or any things that won’t break no matter how roughly the will move by yourself. So, there is no need of paying money to movers or any other to pack these unbreakable items.

Useful Tips

  • It is the best time to get rid of unused and unwanted items; therefore, give you at least one day to inspect each and every room and sell, gift or trash extra belongings
  • Do not hire movers blindly, meet them at your home so that they can give fair estimation and advise
  • Be present at home on the moving day so that you can direct movers.
  • Remember you can’t be present at two places at one time; thus, take help from family and friends
  • Pack small boxes instead of packing all in a heavy large box.
  • Try to consolidate your boxes in one area preferably in a garage or outside the home so that they can be moved easily and movers can also work freely
  • Do not pack everything because you need some items like cleaning tools, phone chargers, etc.
  • Use plastic wrap for sofa and beds, and bubble wrap for breakable items to avoid any kind of damage
  • Ask movers about the shipment of everything because sometimes it happens that they wouldn’t ship particular items due to some reason
  • Try to relax and calm during moving because not everything works according to plan
  • Get an estimated quote from different companies and compare their services.
  • Avoid packing flammable items, mover don’t allow a few things and drain fuel from gasoline equipment
  • Check old house carefully so that nothing is left behind.
  • Remember moving is a time taking process; therefore, keep snacks and water bottle with you


Moving a house or office is tough, time consuming, and stressful job but it can be made easier by proper planning and knowing what to do or what not to do. So, for dos and don’ts of moving you can follow this article.

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