Moving your house can be stressful for you, especially if you are moving to another city or country. You need to hire a moving company and get your new home decorated for your family, and these entire things can keep you very busy.

Amid all this busy routine, you sometimes fail to notify organizations of your change of address. If you forget to do it, you might end up getting into trouble later on.

You might miss out on essential bills and mails just because you forgot to change the mailing address. You must ensure that your change of address is notified to the necessary organization because that can save you from getting involved in issues. If you have a moving house checklist, then it might become easy for you to remember which organizations you need to notify.

Also, it is best that you hire a reputable Malaysia house moving service. Why? This is because they will assist you from the start to the end.

In this post, we will share with you about the checklist of places you must notify before you change your address.

The Change of Address Checklist

Post Office

The post office is one of the essential places that you need to notify about your change of address. You must set up a new mailing address so that you can receive your mails and bills on your new address. It also prevents your old mailbox from getting backlogged with your mails. It is also necessary to notify your employer at the work of your new address. The organization you work for updates all the documents that contain your records and even the paychecks so that there is no confusion on your payday.


We want all kinds of utilities delivered to our home as they are the essential needs of our life. It is important to notify all the utilities that provide your utilities with your new address. The companies that maintain your electricity, internet, and gas are the major organizations that you must notify. Water and telephone companies should be notified so that it doesn’t become a problem to receive all these facilities when you move to your new home.


The organizations that are linked to you for financial purposes should be notified immediately so that your essential bills are delivered to your new home. The first place that you must send your new home address is the bank. In this way, you will be able to receive your bank statement and other bank documents to your new home. These kinds of financial documents are confidential and should only be in your hands, so it is essential to inform your bank when you make a move. You must inform the credit card companies as well because they also send you confidential documents often.

Many people steal identities, and you surely don’t want that kind of person to scam you. The insurance agencies and loan institutions are also famous places you must notify because every document involves your address. Everything that comes under the financial category should be notified about your change of address.

Government and Public offices

You should notify all the government offices that are applied to you. It will include a comprehensive list of vehicle registration, social security, and income tax. You also require providing details about voter registration, family support, and essential affairs relating to veterinary. You need to notify about the pension benefits too. If you are moving to a new country, you need to inform the customs and immigration service about it. You have to make sure that you get in touch with each Government office. It is going to beneficial for the post office as they send out emails to your address. If they have your old address, they won’t be able to give their services.

Institutions and Providers

One of the most important things is to let your institutions and providers know that you are changing your home. If your children are studying in school or go to daycare, you have to inform them of all the details. The doctors or physicians who have been dealing with your health issues also have to be informed. If you and your family are involved in community organizations, you have to notify the providers. Professional memberships or board meetings like PTA or health club meetings, which you frequently go for, need to be informed.

Home Services and Insurance

Let them know about your new home address if you want to avail of special home services from professionals. You will probably like to inform the home cleaning experts and pest controllers to get the best of facilities. When you have shifted to the new house, you will want your pool and lawn to remain clean, so letting your workers know about it will be useful. You have to update all the necessary forms involving insurance that is for health, dental, life, and your vehicles.

Membership and Subscriptions

You wouldn’t like to shift to a new house until you have updated your Netflix account. You will want to update all the membership forms, including local clubs, gyms, and online delivery. Many people have subscribed to subscription boxes, so if you are one of those, you have to update it.

Change the mailing address.

You can’t forget about the mailing address when you are doing all these important things before moving to a new house. The post office which is nearest to your area has to be notified about the change in address. You have to get a form from them, go to their official website, and download it for yourself. Please fill up all the necessary details as per their requirement, and you are good to go.

Take proper care of yourself.

When dealing with all these essential things, you have to take care of yourself and your family. Moving to a new place can be a tiring thing. You need to register your kids into a new school, and if they are not going, you have to look for the right daycare in your new area. Finding some new doctors and dentists in the new space is also a challenging task. You can do all these little things one by one and maintain patience.


It is best to get done with the checklist before you move to your new home. Taking care of these important things will make your task stress free. You can start a happy and healthy life in the new area. Make friends and start preparing for a house warming party!