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No matter in which country you are living, everyone is aware of the new virus outbreak that is the Coronavirus. If you have already sold your house and planned a new lease but did not plan to move, then it is important that you should know it is dangerous to move during this pandemic situation.

As the virus is spreading like a fire in the forest, most of the countries have decided to lock down their cities. It is for the sake of people so that they can be safe from this virus. So, if you are thinking of moving house at this point, you should wait till this situation is resolved.

Do not worry if you have sold your house or your lease is terminated, the government has come up with a solution to this. Everyone understands this absurd situation that is going on right now, and no human will force you to go outside or get out of the house. If you have booked an appointment with a moving company, you can easily reschedule them. They are also not allowed to work during the lockdown. The safety of your family and people are more important than anything.

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Why Is There A Need Of Lockdown?

Coronavirus is a virus that causes disease in animals. If humans consume the affected animal, then there is a high chance that the virus will jump to humans. It is impossible to say that it will not spread. Most of the symptoms are cold-like. It is considered to be a dangerous virus as it spreads very fast. More than 180 countries have been affected by the virus so far. It all started in the city of Wuhan, China and is spreading ever since.  

The reason the government has locked down the cities is that this virus spreads very fast. If an affected person meets or interacts with another person, then there is a very high chance that he will be affected too. Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain social distancing. As China and Italy have a major amount of people that are affected by Coronavirus, other countries have taken a lesson from them. To avoid more spreading of the virus, they decided to lockdown the cities.

What Else Can We Do?

During the lockdown, most of the malls and shops are closed. Services are terminated, schools and offices are closed, and only certain shops are permitted to remain open. Among these shops are supermarkets, pharmacies, food outlets, post offices, and banks. The rest of the shops and offices are closed. Gathering or more than 4-5 people are not allowed and even people are advised to pray at home rather than going to mosques. It is a very serious problem, and we should only step out of the house in case of an emergency. Otherwise, we should stay and home and wash our hands often and avoid touching our faces.

During this time, you can think about the rescheduling of the move. You can at least pick a date that you think will be suitable for you in the future. Keep in mind that this pandemic requires time to end. So, pick the date according to that. You can also make a plan B, by choosing another date as well.


Coronavirus is spreading very fast. Due to this dangerous condition, the higher officials have decided to lockdown the cities. During this lockdown, people are not allowed to move houses as well. It can be a problematic situation but considering the current situation, we should not continue any operation that is in progress. If you have a house moving plan, it is better to reschedule it because there is a high chance of catching the virus if we step outside of our house. It is highly advised not to move during this pandemic situation and wait for things to settle down.