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Moving can be stressful and tiring if you have no idea how to prepare for a move. There are a lot of things to take care of. In this frustrating situation, you can hire a moving company to make everything easy. If you are about to move anywhere in Malaysia and are having trouble deciding which moving company to go for, then you can go for moving services by DFY Movers. We move each and every item. Whether it is a house move, office move, local move or international, we cover all the aspects related to moving.

When you start packing for the move, it is important to sort all the things. So that it is easier for you to unpack and settle in your new house. Cutlery and kitchen items are the most difficult to pack. There are daily use items and items that are fragile and need extra care. The best way to pack dishes and glasses is to get a professional moving team. They know how to handle these things and pack in a safe way. They are trained professionals and use special items such as bubble wraps and papers to secure fragile items like glasses and dishes. There are many ways in which you can pack dishes and glasses on your own. Some of the suggestions and advice to pack these items are given below.

How To Pack Dishes?

When it comes to packing dishes, there are many types of cardboard boxes that you can get. There is a special type of cardboard box especially for packing dishes, but they can be expensive. There is another way in which you can pack your dishes. You will need a few things for it that include packing paper, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and a marker. The most important item that you need is bubble wrap, or you can use old newspapers. Bubble wrap provides more safety, but if the newspaper is used correctly, it can also provide the same amount of safety as bubble wrap.

Extra space inside the boxes is considered a good thing but not when it comes to dishes. As dishes are sensitive and fragile, the less space there is inside the box, the better. It needs to be compact so that there is no excess movement of the dishes that can lead to damage. Take a plate and bubble wrap it properly. You can also stack the plates with bubble wrap in between. When you are using a newspaper, it is better to stack four dishes together and pull the corners of the paper over the plate to ensure that it is perfectly wrapped. Put them in the box securely and make sure they are compact, and there is no extra space in the boxes. Take the marker and label the box in case you forget the box carrying dishes.

How To Pack Glasses?

Glasses are fragile and harder to pack than dishes and plates. As there are glasses of multiple sizes, you should first arrange them according to size. The basic concept is to put the heavy items on the bottom and light and more fragile on top for better safety. The bottom items can include heavy glass mugs and trays. You need to properly wrap all the glasswares by putting packing material in the box, both at the bottom and the top. Besides this, you also need to wrap all the items individually. Glasses are fragile and expensive items, and you cannot risk their safety. Better be safe than sorry.

Take a sheet of packing paper and put your glass on top of it. Crumble the packing paper and put it inside the glass. Wrap the stem and handle of the glass with packing paper. In the end, take a big packing paper and securely wrap the whole of the glass. In this way, you can easily pack a glass that will be safe during your move. Moreover, when a box of glass is packed, put the box inside another big box padded with papers inside it to ensure more safety of the glasses.


When moving to a house, it can be difficult to pack dishes and glasses. It is better to hire a moving company like DFY Movers. They can help you pack all the things securely. You can use boxes and packing paper to pack fragile items. Bubble wraps can come in great use when talking about dishes and glasses. It is important to pack all these items properly as these are everyday items, and it is expensive as well. Make sure to pack with all the care and label the boxes. Write, ‘this side up’ as well to ensure even more safety.