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It is essential to get everything ready before moving day. A reputable moving company will help you out in most cases. If you are planning to move, then DFY Movers provides moving services in Malaysia can help you with moving in almost every way. But if you want to move on your own, then it’s your choice. Those who hire a professional Malaysia movers and those who don’t. In both cases, the majority of us have cars. People tend to put some of the stuff in their car rather than in a truck. Here are some tips on how you can move with your car.

Moving with Your Own Car in Malaysia

Settle and Maximize the Space of The Car

The first thing you need to do is to get your car ready for moving. If you have a car like an SUV or APV, then it can be easy for you to move many things. Otherwise, a simple sedan can also help. Flatten the seats, so space is maximized in the car. Use little spaces beneath the seats as well. You must avoid using cardboards as they take up too much space for a car; these boxes can take a lot of space.

Try using plastic bags as they can be placed anywhere inside the car. By using plastic and vacuum bags, you can move more items as compared to cardboard boxes.

Properly Place Heavy and Light Items

To be more efficient when packing a car for moving, you need to follow one of the most common techniques, which is placing heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. Heavy items can be books or toolboxes. When you place these things on the bottom, you not only ensure the safety of your things, but lighter items get more space. This method will also help while unloading the items from your car.

Refuel Your Car Before Moving Day

After you have packed successfully and finally you are on your way to your new home, it is not suitable to stop for fuel. After moving the items to the car, this refueling can frustrate you or change your mood. You will also waste your time by stopping at gas stations. So, it is highly advisable to fill the tank before the moving day or even at the night if you want to move early in the morning. It will save you time and allow you to continue your moving process smoothly.

Choose the Items Properly

No matter how big your car is, the storage space in your car will be limited. So, you should decide what stuff and things are important enough to go in your car. Other items can move with the trucks of professional movers, but there can be a few things that you might want to take care of yourself.

Select the items that you want to move into your car. If the distance to the new house is near, you can make multiple trips, but if the distance is far, you cannot afford to make multiple trips. So, in either case, make a list of things that you want to take in your car.  

Clean Out Your Car Prior to Packing

We all keep some items in our car. It is important to clean the car before packing and remove any excess items that you won’t need during the travel. Check your car for any unnecessary items and remove them. If you want to use the maximum space in your car, then you should clean the car properly. Use a vacuum cleaner and clean the seats and interior of the car so that your things will be kept clean.


Deciding to move in your car can be a tiring process. But if you want to move with your car, then some tips can help you to move efficiently. The first thing is to clean your car and maximize the space for things that you want to take. The second is to avoid large and cardboard boxes as they take up much space inside the car.

Using plastic bags is an efficient way to move multiple things at a time. As you do not want to waste your time on a moving day, it is better to fill the tank of your car the day before.

Last but not least is to select the items carefully that you want to put in your car. These tips can help you move with your car in Malaysia.