Appliances Movers Malaysia

Moving appliances can be stress-free and troublesome. Appliances are heavy, large, and expensive. You need to move them safely. Otherwise, you may need to bear a loss. You don’t need to worry anymore because DFY Movers is here to move your appliances anywhere in Malaysia.

Our movers in Malaysia can move your appliances anywhere with ease. Our wide network, experienced team, special tools, and years of experience will make your movement easy.

Once you hire us, your appliances become our responsibility, and we move them with care.

Why Hire Appliances Moving Services?

Many people hire appliances moving services to move their valuable appliances to a new place. The reasons to choose these services are

Sensitive Electronic Appliances

Usually, home appliances are sensitive. Their electronic components, such as sensors, display, and lights, are very sensitive. The body is also prone to damage.

You must take care of these things while handling them and loading them into the truck. If you try to move these things on your own, then you can damage them.

It is better the hire a professional appliance movers.They know how to take these things and keep them safe from damages. They will move everything safely to the new place.

Avoid Damages To Your Appliances

Electronic equipment is costly. Any damage can result in a substantial expense of repairs. Professional movers know how to handle the costly stuff.

They pack these things safely and tie them with rope in the truck. They make sure that everything is safe during the process. Even if the destination is the other state of Malaysia, they will move everything safely.

Avoid Injuries

Home appliances can be heavy such as refrigerators and washing machines. If you try to move on your own, then you can have any injury.

You are not trained to lift these things; therefore, it is better to hire professionals who are trained to complete these tasks with care and perfection.

Any injury can ruin your moving process. So, to save money on injuries, you should hire professional appliances moving services.


The most important thing that movers provide is the stress-free movement.

Once you hire them, they handle everything on their own. You don’t need to do anything or provide any tool.

They are well-equipped to make your move stress-free. You have the peace of mind because your things are safe.

Appliance Movers Process

The appliance moving process includes a few steps. The steps are,

Step 1: Inspection and Planning

The first thing is the inspection. We check all the appliances that you need to move. We check the condition of the appliance to make sure how it is before the movement. After a complete inspection, we can provide a quote.

Step 2: Packing

We pack everything safely so that there will be no scratch or damage during the move. We wrap the refrigerator with foams and bubble/plastic wrap.

This ensures the safety of appliances while loading and during the movement.

Step 3: Loading

After packing, our teams load everything in the truck. We select the appropriate truck according to your appliances. We have different ranges of trucks to move all kinds of appliances.

Step 4: Unloading and Unpacking

When we arrive at the destination, our team takes out everything safely and moves into the house. We unpack everything with care.

Step 5: Placement and Installation

We can also place the appliances and install them if required. We can arrange appliances as you like.

Price To Hire Appliances Movers in Malaysia

The price of appliance moving service depends on various factors. Our teams see all these factors to give you a reasonable quote. Some of the factors are,

  • Destination
  • Number of appliances
  • Type of appliances
  • Size of the truck required
  • Number of people required

The best way to know the price is to contact us. We will provide you a reasonable quote according to the information provided.

How to Book Appliances Moving Services in Malaysia

We have made the booking process easy. Within three steps, you can book our appliances moving services.


You can contact us via our contact form on the website. You can provide the information there, and your email address. Our team will reply to you soon.


Get a Quote

We ponder on the provided information. We make a reasonable quote and answer your question (if any).



After knowing the quote, you can confirm our services. We assure you that our team will reach your home on the schedule. We are punctual and reliable.

FAQs About Appliances Moving Services

How do I get a quote for appliances moving services?

It is very simple to get a quote. You can contact us through our website and provide the information. You can tell us about the equipment, size, pickup and drop off location, day and time, etc. We will reply to your email and provide you a reasonable quote according to the service required.

Why book a service instead of doing it yourself?

Many people think about moving appliances on their own. Keep in mind that appliances are expensive, and any damage will increase the expenses due to repairs. Moreover, it is not easy to plan a move with the help of friends and family.

Your movement can be delayed due to the busy schedule of any friend and family member. Further, there are chances of injuries and damages. So, it is better to book an appliance moving service to make everything easy and stress-free.

Why choose DFY Movers for appliances moving services?

DFY Movers is not a new name. We have been in the market for more than ten years. You will never regret hiring us. We have professional and trained teams. We can move anything to anywhere in Malaysia. Just hire us and leave everything to us.

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